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Author Topic: NFL  (Read 4072 times)


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« Reply #195 on: September 24, 2018, 04:38:36 PM »

The Patriots look terrible!

If they finish the half down by 6-10 points, they should be very grateful.

An awful lot of terrible tonight.

They were playing short-handed tonight, and it looked it.

Too early to panic, but not too early to be concerned.

As posted earlier, BB the coach will have his hands full coaching up the players BB the GM has given him.
Playoffs, win the east,  maybe the AFC. Chiefs look great, but that defense... Steelers are a mess, Titans and the Jags have major QB issues, even at 2 - 1 I stick by my prediction the Browns finish ahead of Cinci. There is life in the old man yet.

Mayfield.offocially named starter to the surprise of Colin Cowherd and no one else. Two in a row?

Generally after 3 weeks I get a sense of who's who. This year not so much.

I didn't see the Bills-Vikes game, but WTF?

If I had to guess the SB, I'd say KC-LA Rams.

I have it LA Rams - Cleveland Browns. I may be overreacting for part of that.
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