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Author Topic: Knicks  (Read 12852 times)


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Re: Knicks
« Reply #765 on: Today at 12:45:01 PM »

usually the owner rules from where i come from.  if he wants Butler gone then Butler is gone.

Clippers seems like a good destination.

personally trading a #1 pick next year when despite chip's rose colored glasses and Frank is a really bad idea.

the kid is 20 years old and already shows true NBA defense.  we can't wait on him?  especially when the smart thing to do is let KP heal next year.  frankly if he gets 20 games i would be happy. that is the real reason why we are a high lottery pick.  if KP was fully healthy and here all year I would never say that.

 However he is as chip accurately says  the guy who makes NY run.  it's his team,

Jimmy Butler is 29 years old. i'm tired of giving guys that age big money when we have young talent like KP, Knox, Frank, Next year's lotto pick , Robinson and money for a younger free agent.

count me out on a deal unless it's for Hardaway straight up.  i guess that tells you how i feel about hardaway.  also allows us to get out of hardaway's deal and not sign butler next year if we choose.  giving us plenty of space next year.  now if Irving needs Butler to come ,then we have him. So a  different story.  simply for a former #1 pick (Frank) and a future #1 pick like next year .  no thank you.
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