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Question: Which point guard will play the most minutes for the Knicks from now until the end of the season?
Jack - 2 (13.3%)
Mudiay - 4 (26.7%)
Ntilikina - 4 (26.7%)
Burke - 5 (33.3%)
Total Voters: 15

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Author Topic: Knicks  (Read 138337 times)
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Bring it to Jerome

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« Reply #19185 on: Today at 04:43:12 PM »

I have no issues with the Knicks taking a look at Mudiay. If he was Unofficial Tank Commander during the trial, even better.

But someone needs to have a talk with Emmanuel over the summer, because he's not going to be in the league much longer unless he figures some stuff out.


Tim and Courtly complained that Sessions didn't know the plays early on; also muttered recently about not getting the ball in the right places, which is mostly a knock on Mud.

It was pretty amazing that every Nug played better with Mud off the court and worse when Mud was on.  Which is largely why they ditched him.  But his shooting %'s weren't bad in DEN but have plummeted in NYC.  18% on 3's as a Knicker.

As far as disaster mitigation:
Mud had 10 assists in his 1st Knick game.
20 & 7 v. GS
and 4 straight games in double figure scoring with over 42% FG.
So he's had some good games, good 1/2's, good 1/4's
Also had had quite a number of bad games.

Trey Burke would be in the vaunted 50/40/90 % club, if he weren't shooting 57% on FT's ...
Mud 65% on FT's
Kanter 85% FT which is great for a Big Man
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« Reply #19186 on: Today at 08:02:43 PM »


Funny shizz

Are you the guy that watches about ten minutes of every game?

Incredible how many setups by Mudiay don't get converted
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