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Question: What should be done to lower gas prices?
Allow drilling off shore and in Alaska
Allow drilling off shore, but not Alaska
Develop more oil from the lands the oil companies already have.
Take over Iraq and Iran
None of the above

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Author Topic: Bush Administration  (Read 164928 times)
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« Reply #22275 on: Today at 04:51:55 PM »

Heh. We might have to start discussing the idea that Bambu is a Russian bot. 
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The judge said "son what is your alibi? If you were somewhere else then you won't to have to die."
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« Reply #22276 on: Today at 04:52:22 PM »

Bambu is hoping to be owned one day by a nice man like Putin.

Into the shattered ruins stepped the Don
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« Reply #22277 on: Today at 05:10:58 PM »

More day bambu is hoping his land will have nuke-powered and nuke armed subs cruising the world's oceans ready to turn any enemies into ash.

Now he's found a like-minded expert...

Australia should prepare for North Korean attack, former Pentagon missile boss warns

Australia must develop greater missile defences to ward off a strike from North Korea, a former high-ranking Pentagon official said.

Key points:
•Australia could be struck by a North Korean weapon, Dr Roberts warns
•He says separating US allies from the US and from each other is central to Mr Kim's strategy
Australia must ensure warships are equipped with advanced defences, Dr Roberts says

Dr Roberts, who led the Obama administration's Nuclear Posture Review and Ballistic Missile Defence Review, does not believe Australia needs to adopt an American-style expensive land-based missile shield, but said it must ensure warships are equipped with advanced defences.

"I don't think it's a large number of very expensive interceptors and radars deployed around the periphery of the Australian continent," he said.
"A sea-based capability on the advanced destroyer that would include a sea-based radar and some interceptors: that could operate in coalition partnership with other allies."


Nothing less than nuke-powered, nuke-armed subs are required.

Mr Kim must be made understand that if he fires a missile at Australia, he'll be toast.
Popguns just can't do the job.

No degree from Harvard needed for this one either.
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