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Installed latest version of forum software, had a large number of incompatibilities with older version, unfortunately needs to be a clean reboot.  I did attempt to import users from last iteration.  There seems to be a login bug where you have to click the login link and go to the login page to get in. Not sure why yet. 


Should we reduce the number of forums?

- 7 (50%)
- 3 (21.4%)
I'm not sure
- 3 (21.4%)
- 1 (7.1%)

Total Members Voted: 14

Voting closed: August 07, 2018, 08:49:34 PM

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Author Topic: Trump Administration  (Read 4211 times)


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Re: Trump Administration
« Reply #1020 on: Today at 01:27:50 PM »

He can express his POV all he pleases, and Iím gonna interpret his words as I hear them. If you canít accept that itís on you.

I am NOT gonna ďtolerateĒ anyone who equates BLM with fucking Nazis.


what's all this then?

LarryBnDC usetab Knicks12

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Re: Trump Administration
« Reply #1021 on: Today at 01:30:54 PM »

ďDo you actually think that ANYONE "here" is who they really truly are "off-board"?

Uh, Iíve never made any attempt to disguise my identity. Iíve posted my bylines, Iíve posted articles and essays from my kids. My history, recounted in here numerous times is mostly a matter of public record. Iíve posted under the NYKnicks12 monicker for more than twenty years starting in the old Times forum but EVERYWHERE else on the web Iím LarryBnDC or my full name Larry Bellinger.

Youíve seem to forget you called me a liar when I shared the FACT Dylan Roof murdered my cousin.
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