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Fiction / Re: Fiction
« on: December 03, 2019, 05:24:31 PM »
If you want to produce love stories, then Fern Michaels is a great writer of love stories, her books would all make great films.

And for instance, her book "Captive Innocence" would make a great movie.

I would like to produce some love stories, and I want to hire the most beautiful women to be in my movies.


Tony V.

Trump Administration / Re: Trump Administration
« on: November 24, 2019, 02:07:33 PM »
FRANCE 24 English
In Bolivia, tensions are running high in the wake of the resignation of Evo Morales. The president stepped down on November 10 and fled for asylum in Mexico.

His departure has split the capital La Paz into rival neighbourhoods, with some households preparing themselves for reprisal attacks.   


See, at this point Bolivia really needs a good leader to step in and to pull everyone together, with all positive ideas on a good future for Bolivia. They must not fight among themselves, they need to focus on what they have in common, and collective goals, and peace and prosperity. And one good thing that they can all agree on is improving education for the children, and they can agree on improving the economy, and they have lots of other issues in common. A good leader needs to bring the people together with a nice list of goals that they can all agree on.


Tony V.

Trump Administration / Re: Trump Administration
« on: November 20, 2019, 05:24:37 PM »
Rep. Lou Correa
Today the House Judiciary Committee passed critical legislation to reform our immigration laws for farmworkers. I am proud to co-sponsor the bill, the Farm Workforce Modernization Act, which will finally treat our immigrant farmworkers with the dignity and respect they have earned.

Countless immigrants come to the United States and do jobs most Americans won’t. For decades these individuals have been treated like criminals while our economy and farmers depend on them.

Without immigrants in our fields, our tables would be bare, and our markets empty. These individuals are integral to our society and have helped make America the breadbasket of the world. They have earned a seat at our table.     


We need to work hard to make our immigrants legal, so that they can join labor unions, and so that they can call the police in the case of an emergency, etc, etc, etc.

We need to make our immigrants legal and we need to fix our laws so that future immigrants can become legal easily.

And we need for our Statue of Liberty to represent what we are all about, not a wall.


Tony V.

Trump Administration / Re: Trump Administration
« on: November 20, 2019, 04:25:33 PM »
I am so grateful to have a home, and a nice warm bed.

As I snuggled nice and warm in my bed and listened to the rain fall, I counted my blessings. I know what it is like for the poor people who are out there homeless in the rain, I was homeless for 2 years, and then I came out of the hospital homeless again when I was helped.

If it was not for the good people who helped me, then I do not know where I would be.

I am grateful for all of my blessings, and I am grateful to have a home and a nice warm bed.

I also have been working to help the homeless, by writing to our representatives and pubic servants and giving them ideas on how to better help the homeless. Progress is being made, Mayor Garcetti and others are working hard to help the homeless.

Also, on the issue of helping others, support Mahlagha Jaberi and support the people of Iran as they work for better human rights in Iran. Mahlagha is from Iran, and she lives in San Diego, California, now. I told Mahlagha that she is beautiful, and that she has good leadership qualities, and that she will be a good leader. Please support Mahlagha and Iran as they work for better human rights for the people of Iran.


Tony V.

Trump Administration / Re: Trump Administration
« on: November 19, 2019, 06:12:44 PM »
FRANCE 24 English
The #US has the world's highest rate of children in detention, including more than 100,000 in immigration-related custody that violates international law, says the UN


Pertaining to the Southern Border in the USA, there is no need to build a wall, and there is no need to separate families and to put children in cages, we have plenty of room here in the USA for new immigrants, Nevada has lots of open land, Las Vegas has plenty of room, and Texas is HUGE, there is plenty of room for new immigrants in the USA.

We need to make our immigrants here in the USA legal, like President Ronald Reagan did, and we need to change our laws to reflect who we are as Americans, we need to make it easier for our immigrants to become legal so that they can join labor unions, and so that they can call the police in the case of an emergency, etc. We need to make our immigrants legal, and we need to fix our laws for future immigrants.

And Detroit City Council Woman Raquel Lopez has said that our new immigrants are welcome in Detroit, Michigan, there is no need to put people in detention centers, we can just send our new immigrants to Raquel Lopez in Detroit.

The USA is a giant country, and we have plenty of room for new immigrants, and we need for our Statue of Liberty to represent what we are all about, not a wall.


Tony V.

Home / Re: Home
« on: November 16, 2019, 02:28:08 PM »
I want to start going to Disneyland, I went once when I was a kid, and I went to Disney World in Florida, I live right by Disneyland and it is silly not to go.

And Anaheim has a great public bus system.

I need to get an annual multi- park pass.

The cheapest one is $399.00

It would be like living in Malibu and not going to the beach. I live right by Disneyland, so I need to start going there.

In 2020 I plan to get a pass for Disney, that would be cool.

( I guess my Grandfather's Brother drove a stage coach at Disneyland, he gave people rides around Disneyland, that was his job there. I worked at Universal Studios, and I applied at Disneyland when I first moved to Anaheim, but I did not get hired.)


Tony V.

Meander Where You May / Re: Meander Where You May
« on: November 13, 2019, 02:14:03 PM »

One example of teamwork which I can use to explain how to make things possible by using teamwork that otherwise would not be possible...

My Brother was in a motorcycle accident, and I had to go to Northern California but I did not have a car to get there. My Cousin had a car, but he did not have gas money. I gave my Cousin gas money, and we went and got my Brother, and everything worked out. Neither I nor my Cousin could have went to get my Brother on our own, but by working together as a team then we were able to accomplish our goal.

And it is the same thing with making movies, making movies is all about teamwork. I have a script, but I cannot make it into a film on my own, I need a whole team of people to make my movie. None of us could do it on our own, but by working together with a team I will be able to get my film made. I also utilized teamwork to write my script, a college professor in Texas helped me to write my script, we worked together as a team.

With my poetry, I could go door to door selling poetry, but I would be better off to get a publisher to publish my book, and get bookstores to sell it, I need to utilize teamwork, and we can all make some money.

With any business then you need teamwork.

Richard Branson sits on a private island and runs a giant company with his computer, and a cell phone. He is a master at delegating, and he builds great teams.

You can do things by working together as a team with other people that none of you can do on your own.

Hermits are not very successful in the entertainment industry, in the entertainment industry you need to be a "people person" and you need to be a team builder.


Tony V.

Trump Administration / Re: Trump Administration
« on: November 12, 2019, 04:26:48 PM »
Trump is helping pertaining to the situation with China, California lost over 500,000 jobs to China alone, so Trump is finally doing something about it.

And we have a new deal with China, they are going to buy our agricultural products, etc, so the Chinese are going to buy California wine, and California cheese, and oranges from Florida, and frozen French fries from Idaho, etc. Maybe the Chinese will buy Kentucky Bourbon too, the people of Kentucky could sure use the money. We need to balance trade, if China wants us to buy their stuff, then they need to buy our stuff, and President Trump understands all of this.

Trump is a businessman, and he is going to help the businesses in America.

My only thing, is that I support our immigrants, and the USA is for everyone, it is a place for everybody, and I do not want any walls. I want open borders. I support the words on our Statue of Liberty. We need to make our immigrants legal like President Reagan did, and we need to make it easier for future immigrants to come here legally, especially for our good Christian neighbors here in the Western Hemisphere, including with Canada and Mexico. This land belongs to everyone. But aside from that, I support improving business for Americans, and creating jobs, so Trump is doing good on some things.

And Ivanka Trump is awesome, she is traveling around the world helping women to open businesses. She has friends at the World Bank and the International Monetary Fund, and she has unlimited credit, and she is traveling around giving all of the women business loans. We need to bring Ivanka Trump to California, she could help the female entrepreneurs here in California, our women need business loans too.

And Apple is going to do some manufacturing in Texas, and Louis Vuitton is manufacturing in Texas, and China is going to buy beef from Texas, so Texas is doing better, good things are happening in Texas.

Nevada is doing great, Vegas is booming.

President Trump is doing good in many ways. He just needs to show more love for our immigrants, and for our neighbors. And we do not need to put children in cages, Detroit City Council Woman Raquel Lopez said to send the immigrants to her in Detroit and she will help the immigrants, we do not need to put the children in cages, the children are not criminals and they are not a threat to anyone, these people just want to come live in America, and we need to welcome them. And Jesus always said to welcome people and help them, you may be unaware that you are helping angels.


Tony V.

Music / Re: Music
« on: November 12, 2019, 12:16:37 AM »
For everything there is a season.


Tony V.

Trump Administration / Re: Trump Administration
« on: November 11, 2019, 08:50:04 PM »
 My friend Lisa owns shelters, and her shelters are classy, she has all good people in her houses. But, she is getting old, the young people need to step in and help.

One guy was my friend Drew, he was a retired studio executive who worked at Universal, and at Paramount. One of the shows that he worked on was "Family Ties." He had a great life, and he dated Courtney Cox when she was young and hot. He was from New York, and he grew up in Long Island. His neighbor was Carlo Gambino. He had a great life, he saw Luciano Pavoratti at the Metropolitan Opera. He saw every play on Broadway. He enjoyed everything that New York had to offer. Then, Carlo got him a job in the garment industry so that he could earn money to go to college. He studied Business for four years in Buffalo, New York, and then he graduated and moved to California, and then he went to work at Paramount and at Universal. We used to drink coffee and he would tell me stories, I may make a movie about him some day. He died in 2006.

There were some wonderful people in the group homes, and the houses were nice, expensive houses, and Lisa fed us steak for dinner, and I had amazing people telling me stories while we drank coffee and chain smoked cigarettes. We made the most out of hard times. And Lisa was a wonderful host. I love Lisa a lot.

And she has helped a lot of Veterans. She is from the Philippines, and they love the American soldiers.


Tony V.

Trump Administration / Re: Trump Administration
« on: November 11, 2019, 04:58:22 PM »
I lived in homeless shelters with homeless Veterans, the shelters were expensive mansions in nice neighborhoods, and each Vet had a whole team helping them. I knew many Vets back then who were managing homeless shelters, and they were feeding the homeless, and they were doing lots of good stuff.

One Vet was my buddy Tom, he first served in the Navy, he worked at a Naval hospital in Pennsylvania, and then he joined the Marines and became a Combat Medic, and he served in Operation Desert Storm. Later on in life Tom became disabled, he started hallucinating and hearing voices, and he needed help. We were roommates in a mansion with about twenty other guys. So, he got help, they put him on medication, and then he was a good, normal, healthy guy, and he went to work helping other people. Tom and my Uncle Dennis volunteered at Angel Stadium and at the Rose Bowl, etc, selling beer and hot dogs to raise money for charity to feed the hungry people. Tom also managed homeless shelters. And he got restaurants to donate their food to feed the hungry instead of throwing the food away. Tom was feeding over 100 people at the end. Tom died a few years ago, he was a great guy, and I miss him. He was a Vet who helped many people

I had another homeless Vet friend, Chris, he served in the Air Force. He managed homeless shelters, and he drove around in a van with a psychiatrist and they picked up the homeless mentally ill people and they took them to shelters. He was a great guy who helped a lot of people. He died back in around 2005 from Cancer. Heaven gained an angel, he was a really cool guy, and he helped a lot of people.

I met a lot of good Vets, and there are good Vets out there on the streets who will become angels if they are given help. Help them, and they will help others.


Tony V.

Trump Administration / Re: Trump Administration
« on: November 11, 2019, 04:22:26 PM »
Trump bashed McCain, for crying out loud, and said McCain was a loser because he got captured. John McCain was a great man. 

Today I wish to thank our Veterans.

And we need to thank our Veterans more than just saying "Happy Veterans Day." We need to thank the Veterans who are out there homeless on the streets walking around with PTSD, hallucinating and hearing voices, hungry, and dirty, and they are acting weird so people are afraid of them, it is horrible.

And the best ones to help the homeless Veterans are other Vets who have been helped and who are now helping others. And the Vets are great at managing homeless shelters, etc. As we help our Veterans, then many of our Veterans will go to work helping other Veterans who are homeless. We need to give them government funding, etc, and we need to help them.


Tony V.

Meander Where You May / Re: Meander Where You May
« on: November 11, 2019, 04:04:10 PM »
Well, I am 52 now, Saturday was my Birthday. I have mixed emotions about growing older.

In one way I have learned a lot, I have had a lot more life experiences and education, so this is the greatest time of my life in that regard. I am older and wiser. And which is why the Native American Indians all respect their elders.

But, I miss my youth, we had a lot of fun at times. And sadly some of my favorite people have died. As I get older and older I lose more and more good people.

But, I am still middle aged, I am not that old yet, and I hope to live a good long life, and there are many things that I still want to do.

I need to find a bride, maybe a hot little model and actress or something. My boss at the dog kennel married a hot little actress who was twenty years younger than him. And they say it is best to be a boss, marry a boss, and build an empire.

And I want to travel, and I want to do charity work. I might donate libraries when I become wealthy.

Hopefully this is the year that I get my poetry book published, and when I get my movie made. And if I make money and if I invest wisely, then it should be cool. I can open a night club in Rome, and there is a lot I can do. I can make wine. We will see what happens. And when I find a woman, she will have plans on stuff that she wants to do, so I will share her dreams too, as she will share mine.

Anyhow, I am sort of healthy, I am not in pain, and I still have my long hair. I have food and shelter, and I am friends with all of my neighbors, I get along good with my neighbors. I live in a pretty cool city. I have a lot to be grateful for. And I hope that I can rise from here and that things will only get better.


Tony V.

Trump Administration / Re: Trump Administration
« on: November 09, 2019, 06:33:38 PM »
Isn't there an Iranian model that has gotten herself in a bit of hot water, Tony?

Yes, they sentenced her to prison.

The women in Iran need to have a movement. The women of Iran must be equal under the law and equals in life. Your Persian Bride needs to be your equal partner. Be a Boss, marry a Boss, and build an empire.

And I am sure that Ivanka Trump supports improved rights for women in Iran.

The Persian women love California, and they are all rich here, the Persians all live in Beverly Hills, they live great lives here. 


Tony V.

Trump Administration / Re: Trump Administration
« on: November 09, 2019, 03:58:03 PM »
Trump needs to talk with Farah Pahlavi, she can help to improve relations between the USA and Iran, Farah is great. In California the people from Iran are called "Persians."

And Beverly Hills, California, is full of Persians, they even elected a Persian Mayor.

And one of the top models right now, Mahlagha Jaberi, is from Iran, she lives in California now.

We need to improve relations with Iran.

Farah Pahlavi Photo

Mahlagha Jaberi Photo


The Persian Conquest


Persian Jews, Wikipedia page...


History of the Iranian Americans in Los Angeles


Iranian Jews Find a Beverly Hills Refuge




The Persians are a proud, beautiful people. It is sad that their civilization has been reduced to what it is today. What a pity. They need to have a renaissance, they need a great awakening, they need to become great and proud again. The terrorism and crime and closed mindedness must end. And they need to be more about love and beauty, and less about hate and violence.

Mahlagha Jaberi certainly is beautiful, maybe she can help to lead the new generation of Persians.


Tony V.

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