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1  Arts / Movies / Re: Movies on: June 24, 2008, 01:30:38 PM
Just wanna' report I did not take Lemon Sky more than the first act going into two because it is fundamentally a play put on film rather than a film. (it is full of that stiff acting which is second rate on stage much less when done before the camera but maybe it reveals something about normal American people; that they are always imitating acting).

C'mon, I always knew that I didn't like Kevin Bacon, despite his six degrees of separation, but I don't like the rest of the cast in this film either. Lindsay Crouse, Boo! Kyra Sedgewick,bah! (yeah, I know which one you saw her in and it was really great....)

The only reason they bought this and put it on Sundance or HBO-(h?) whatever, they would make hours of view time to prove their existence by showing us Casey Affleck again. I didn't stay that long to even find out he was there.
                                     *           *           *

I am now going to recommend that you look upon this with curiosity. It came in the Random House e-mail this morning and looks like this:
                               But it is about this:

Personally nothing can ever upstage Jeremy Irons, and Laurence Olvier and Philip Roth's ex-wife as Lady Marchmain (and I loved Evelyn Waugh when I was just a mere kid).

However, I have to admit that I made a mistake and mistook Lord Howard's Castle in Yorkshire for Knole in Kent and thought that was LHC when I saw interior chapel, great lobby of the house, etc. and now I am disappointed although I did see a beautiful  side shot of the walled garden of the castle Knole where the Sackville family resides  and thought I was just seeing the Howard Castle from a different frontal perspective. My impression was that Knole was a sizable English town at one time in their history, given by Henry VIII(some say Elizabeth I ) to her cousin Thomas Sackville when he took it away from a Catholic. The story is much about that morality vs what? in Brideshead Revisisted. I must have the book around here someplace....
2  National / Campaign Trail / Re: Campaign Trail on: June 24, 2008, 12:04:16 PM
Dzimas, I also reminded him(B.Obama, himself) that Russ Feingold didn't call it a compromise but a "capitulation". Not that anybody but luee understands what that means. Then I signed it with my real name.
3  National / Campaign Trail / Re: Campaign Trail on: June 24, 2008, 12:02:05 PM
Were you there, darling?
4  National / Campaign Trail / Re: Campaign Trail on: June 24, 2008, 11:54:12 AM

The car, the car with the battery. Thomas Alva Edison provided Alfred I.duPont with an electric car back when they were yet alive. What's new about that?
5  National / Campaign Trail / Re: Campaign Trail on: June 24, 2008, 11:52:49 AM
I found out about that yesterday as well, after calling those schmucks and sending them whatevers supplied by Everybody.

So then I wrote Obama, asking why he supported Barrows over Thomas who is anti-FISA among Democrats to endorse and then to complain about FISA in my experience: what it does to put in that neuron mindset among editors of on-line editions and such, even if they were "educated" but in Ohio? 

I mean, who knows what I said, that was yesterday when I couldn't get in here.

I need to get rid of mail to hear back from one of his experts although I've noticed anybody in the Senate can get through to you just like that ! Snap!
6  National / Bush Administration / Re: Bush Administration on: June 24, 2008, 11:16:21 AM
Josh and Donotremove and Dzimas,

A further problem is evident. It is to be hoped that Barry, nominee of the Democrats, did not invest heavily in ethanol since the production region is now flooded out. It was a commendable idea but levee repair will be fun and costly.

I have found  reason to chew my cud on this by a little something in the Sunday Book Review at nytimes,found yesterday, since we have to be concerned about "working at home" when computer time is to be limited by Congress.  Which gives them an edge since the vote this morning on FISA once again would allow our masters to eavedrop on our work at home and any of you in finance know what happens next. Insider trading.

The writer in home will not have as much work time as the legislators in the state capital since they never saw the value in Liberal Arts  which is what we call Literature compared to the French belief in Belles Lettres.

This resulted in my recommendation that you read:
Published: June 22, 2008  in reviewing:


Why You Can’t Understand 21st-Century Politics With an 18th-Century Brain.

By George Lakoff.

292 pp. Viking. $25.95

Unfortunately for those with the Liberal Arts education, the quixotically named "Red states" think differently because their neurons are wired differently. They will need a vast re-education program, preferably via computer which their legislators will probably gladly supply them. Or, maybe not.

I decided to look up Saletan at Slate where he  hangs out, since I think he is the second bad example following Ed Luttwak's explanation of Muslims view of apostates=Obama.  This is what the is into nowadays re: Books,reviewers,and Op-ed pieces.

There was little readily readible by Saletan, apparently free lance but he is not yet a Salon-nik like Hitchens. He realizes that red-staters have a sense of humor stuck in the 1950s like Ann Coulter Think.

Here's an example he had from the Cleveland Plaindealer.

"Barack Obama invented several important details in his acclaimed 1995 memoir, Dreams From My Father: A Story of Race and Inheritance, according to a memo distributed by the Clinton campaign as polls opened yesterday. The book describes Mr. Obama's experiences after the accidental death of his black African father in 1982. The senator's father was born in San Francisco, Calif., not Nyangoma-Kogelo, Kenya, as was alleged in the book, the memo claims. "Charles 'Chip' Obama spent every day of his life in the Bay Area, including the 24 years he spent working in a co-op bakery."
—The Cleveland Plain Dealer, March 5, 2008

Notice the confusion that can take place if you read too fast, amidst memos and book. The book is a memoir by Obama. The memo is by the Billarys  They must have had Ann Coulter write it for them, unless Hillary and Ann appreciate the same sort of humor? Oh, that's right, Hillary was born in the approaches to Reagan Country; and Bill was born in Hope.
7  Books / History / Re: American History on: June 24, 2008, 09:28:14 AM

I didn't know that I had noted, but it was among the Bloomsbury set/British and somewhat here in the States as I discovered at Drumthwacket,the official governor's mansion in Princeton, as well as among the beer barons of Milwaukee.

The clematis is favored on all the local rural route mailboxes of suburban Lancaster; proving the inhabitants of the house were brought up on farms.

Amber was a favorite gem of two friends of mine. One,Polish, fond of the large cream to honey beaded necklaces. The other, Austrian born,liked the purity of color variation which is quite close to Topaz in clarity. True to his Baltic heritage, Gunter Grass does quite a poetic paean to Amber, in -- Peeling the Onion.

I should have clarified that  Maria Leszczynska (1703 – 1768) was the daughter of the Polish sovereign.

Louis came of age when it would have been impossible to marry the Spanish Bourbon cousin because she was not of age to be his consort. Waiting would have merely produced a larger contingent of illegitimate offspring with no claim to the throne but who nevertheless had to be supported by taxation. If he was to produce heirs, he had to marry the daughter of a suitable Catholic monarch.

As is mentioned in the history of Madame de Mainenon, in her old age, two years before her death, she awoke and noted a very tall man seated at the foot of her bed. It was Peter the Great. If one can overcome the tendency to imagine that he looked like Maximillian Schell, I have no doubt he was there to confer with her about the young man who had been otherwise raised by Philippe d'Orleans.

As you notice, this is the forum for American History, and the only excuse we have is that this side of the French royal household brought their extravagant lifestyle to Louisiana. The genealogy of the household is too complex but it seems to me that if the regent was the younger brother of Louis IV,le petit monsieur, then that is Monsieur, notoriously kept feminized, or politely descriped "foppish", by being dressed as a female throughout childhood.

I get lost between Louis V with a mistress, Madame de Pompadour whose brother was chief architect."direction générale des Bâtiments, Arts, Jardins et Manufactures" or director general of the King's Buildings,the marquis de Marigny; whose Creole descendent gambled away his plantation which comes down to the By Water in New Orleans and gave his name to the quartier of the city north of the French Quarter.

But no, there is Philippe Charles de Chartres and that was the Regent to Louis V, rather than le petit monsieur deflowered by Cardinal Mazarin.
8  National / Bush Administration / Re: Bush Administration on: June 23, 2008, 12:14:59 AM

I think his phraseology on this one give him away:
"The book YOU and all white liberals need to read, and understand, is his masterpiece, Invisble Man. 

The subtitle could have been "an Indictment."

He's a "critic" not an expert.

Whereas Ellison wrote about the clash in two different cultural attitudes locked in miscomprehension given the time the events took place, the wording used by our connoisseur infers that Ralph Ellison would have at the time of writing chosen for some mysterious reason to fault the agonist of his story(his chosen theme). Now that does not stand to reason, if you read literature with a rational mind.

That is hardly possible when you approach an art form with a prejudgment factored on male mental superiority  in areas of literary criticism or any discussion, intellectual or just plain convivial.  Convivial is not his long suite.

Much less the need to place the white male culture at the top of the heap. I bet he is a real ball of fire when it comes to D.H. Lawrence.
9  National / Campaign Trail / Re: Campaign Trail on: June 22, 2008, 11:47:14 PM,1019,amis-delivers-fatwa-warning-to-obama,30119
(this, above, is the old Ed Luttwack spiel used at nytimes  in the last month which aggravated the public posters no end. They don't buy it. He published in a contribution to Opinion. Their blog should still be available.)
10  International / Central and South America / Re: Central and South America on: June 22, 2008, 11:41:52 PM
11  Arts / Comedy / Re: Comedy on: June 22, 2008, 11:24:49 PM
Kudos! nytempsperdu
12  Books / Meander Where You May / Re: Meander Where You May on: June 22, 2008, 03:49:03 PM

Funny you should mention it. Since Meandering's minds are listing their Summer reading following Bin Ladens (plural) An Arabian Family in the American Century. I shall begin with The Golden Age by Gore Vidal. My favorite writer as the only realist in America.

He has written openly upon his sexuality (and that of several other folks on occasion)but he did it right from the start with his first published work,known as the one that The New York Times refused to review.

Incidentally, Dick Cavett said a strange thing in his this week account of attending his class reunion at Yale, where greeted by an even smarter classmate from fifty years ago who regaled him with the anecdote from the days when Dick didn't known what gay was.   

As his friend realized after mentioning to Cavett that he had just run into Will Gear on campus. Since Cavett and Gear have both been "actors", he asked if his classmate had actually talked to Gear?

Oh,yes, was the reply, "I asked what he was doing here on campus? To which he replied, 'Oh, just looking over the boys'."

It occurs to me now, Cavett must have had a very sheltered life but I think he once said that he came from Kansas or Nebraska.

Funny thought occurs to me now, mosca once told me he didn't think he would bother reading Auchincloss after asking me about Hugh, although I probably told him about Louis, and here's why he couldn't bother:

"A Novel Of Complex Family Ties Sets Off Guessing", New York Times, April 17, 1981. Retrieved on 2007-06-21. "Nina Gore Auchincloss Steers Straight's memories of her half-brother, Gore Vidal, though fragmented, are vivid. A photograph of me as a teeny baby, a fat thing sitting on Gore's lap. Then I never saw him again until I was 13 or 14, a bad speller, a bad grammarian, and he started me reading. I remember him shaking his finger and telling me, Now I want you to read Virginia Woolf and Thomas Hardy." 

Mosca thought that the cult of Washingtonian society interrelationships, as soon as you mentioned Jackie Bouvier Kennedy, in relationship to the Gores via the Auchincloss financiers,canceled out the literary ability of any of the members of the extended family. He just couldn't be bothered with some of the finest writers in America.
13  Books / Meander Where You May / Re: Meander Where You May on: June 22, 2008, 02:55:28 PM
barton, you heard now;the writing was then.

Discussion was abstract to say the least, if anyone had paid attention to the point of the book then, they might have taken a more judicious caution about dealing with Saudi-Arab Salafids and Iraqis of one or another Muslim approach much less bait Iran.
14  Books / Meander Where You May / Re: Meander Where You May on: June 22, 2008, 02:48:36 PM
To me "vacation" means being in a room where I don't have to make the bed and where, if I wake up in the middle of the night and hold very still, I can't hear a cat throwing up.

I just knew we had something in common.
15  National / Bush Administration / Re: Bush Administration on: June 22, 2008, 02:21:37 PM
Erich Maria Remarque, a young man who survived his war to eventually get to know Marlena Dietrich a lot better.

Weezo, sometimes my uncles would just shout at each other the short form of dummkopf: dummer.

But I know that Peter as an Americanized German fell naturally into the expletive Du (you) D.. S... (sometimes ending it with a z).
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