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1  National / Bush Administration / Re: Bush Administration on: March 17, 2018, 07:56:39 AM
The State of the Unions Under Trump
By Jonathan Tasini

March 14, 2018


We need to support unions now more than ever, and we need to support unions globally, including supporting a labor movement in China.


Tony V.
2  National / Bush Administration / Re: Bush Administration on: March 10, 2018, 03:07:56 PM
On the issue of the high speed trains in California...

We need to build the high speed trains faster, we need to get more people working, we need to work on multiple sections at the same time, there are many unemployed people who need those jobs, and when we get the trains finished they will help to attract more tourism to California, and tourism helps our economy. Let's get the trains finished faster, let us work on multiple sections at the same time.

160,000 jobs directly and indirectly supported by the tourism industry in Orange County

17.6 million visitors from around the world come to Anaheim—helping contribute to our city’s tax base

$7.1 billion was spent in Orange County by 42.7 million domestic and international travelers in 2009

Tourism is great for California, and our high speed trains will attract more tourism, along with making things better for local travelers and commuters.


Tony V.
3  National / Bush Administration / Re: Bush Administration on: March 09, 2018, 08:55:49 PM
I am so lucky to live in a warm area, and to have cheap heating. In some parts of the USA they raise the price of heating in the winter, and if you cannot afford to pay the high prices then they turn off your heat. People like that are the scum of the earth, they let children be in the cold because of their greed. 

Now people can just go with solar for heating, etc. The days of children freezing are over.


Tony V.
4  National / Bush Administration / Re: Bush Administration on: March 09, 2018, 06:53:55 PM
On the issue of California, and on the Sanctuary State issue, it is a long standing American tradition to stand up and do CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE against things that we are against, we did it against England to throw off the rule of the British, and we did it on other issues, such as when people violated the law when the law required them to report runaway slaves, many helped the slaves and refused to report them, etc. Henry David Thoreau wrote about CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE and many people such as Gandhi and others practiced CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE and Gandhi was able to win independence for India without firing a single shot. Another case of CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE was when Lech Walesa helped to win independence for Poland and helped to bring down the USSR and helped to bring down the Berlin Wall, and helped to bring freedom, democracy, and improved human rights to hundreds of millions of people, without firing a single shot. Another case was when Martin Luther King Jr peacefully fought for improved human rights for African Americans, and when Rosa Parks used Civil Disobedience when she refused to sit at the back of the bus. There are many examples of people who stood up for what they believed in, even if what they believed in was against the law. There was also the case of people who defied Hitler and helped to save Jews, even though it was against the law. It is up to us to stand up against laws that are un-American, and that go against what we stand for. And we must change laws that do not represent what we stand for. It is up to us to stop the wall, and to stand up for our good immigrants, and to do CIVIL DISOBEDIENCE against things that we do not agree with, and to demand a GOOD NEIGHBOR policy with our good Christian neighbors here in the Western Hemisphere, Canada and Mexico, and we must demand that Canadians and Mexicans be able to legally live, work, and go to school, in the USA, and we must have a special path to citizenship for them, and we must stand up for all good immigrants like Reagan did when he made all of our immigrants legal and brought them out of the shadows so that they could legally work in the USA and join unions, etc. We need to be defiant of what we do not agree with, and we must stand up and demand what we do agree with, and California is behaving in a strong American tradition when California declares California to be a Sanctuary State and when we go against what we are against.

Link about Thoreau and Civil Disobedience...


Tony V.
5  National / Bush Administration / Re: Bush Administration on: March 09, 2018, 05:51:47 PM
Pertaining to the issue of gun safety...

When I worked for the Burbank YMCA at a youth summer camp, we taught the children gun safety and marksmanship with .22 rifles, and we also taught them archery with bows and arrows, along with other things that we did. We never had a problem, and the children loved summer camp.

Guns are a great tool in the hands of a good person, and shooting can also be fun. Children should be taught gun safety, and children should be taught how to shoot.


Tony V.
6  National / Bush Administration / Re: Bush Administration on: March 08, 2018, 07:42:14 PM
No walls, and we need to have a GOOD NEIGHBOR policy.


Tony V.

From: [email protected]
To: [email protected]
Sent: 3/8/2018 4:16:38 PM Pacific Standard Time
Subject: Sessions is suing California?!

ACLU Action
Hi Tony –

Since the day President Trump came into office, California has been at the forefront of the fight against his racist, anti-immigrant policies. Now Jeff Sessions' Justice Department is suing California for daring to stand against ICE brutality. Californians know that the strength of their state owes much to its large immigrant population – and they won't let a bigoted administration tear apart the fabric of their communities.

It's time to put ICE back on its leash. Add your name to the petition to tell Homeland Security to rein in ICE's lawlessness. The agency's invasive, hateful objectives are the antithesis of the constitutional principles of this country.

California's laws limit the ability of local law enforcement to cooperate with ICE, increase oversight of ICE detention facilities located in California, and prohibit workplace raids without a warrant. In other words, these are measures to protect immigrants from ICE’s invasive, fear-mongering objectives.

Sessions and Trump are also threatening to withhold federal funding from states an d cities with laws that limit local cooperation with Trump's deportation force, and they’re even hinting at criminal charges for politicians who support laws that push back against ICE.

This is yet another outrageous move by the Trump administration. They've given ICE free rein to wreak havoc on immigrant communities throughout the country, and we've got to stop them. Sign this petition telling the Homeland Security Department that it's time to put ICE in check.

The good news is that we have so many people on our side as we fight against Trump's policies of unprecedented bigotry. We need you to make your voice loud and clear: Put ICE back on its leash. Protect immigrants now.

With ICE, Trump and Sessions want to ramp up hate and division – but we won't let them.

Thanks for your support,

Lorella Praeli
ACLU Director of Immigration Policy and Campaigns
7  Science and Technology / Business and Technology / Re: Business and Technology on: March 07, 2018, 06:21:59 PM
On the issue of finding a job...

When I was a teen I got a job working as a hot air balloon crew, for sixty dollars per hour, and I never even had to fill out a job application. I also got a job managing a dog kennel without putting in an application. And when I worked at NASA and China Lake Navy Weapon Center I never had to fill out a job application, although I did have to get a security clearance. And when I got the job working for Suzanne Pleshette they hired me as soon as I walked in and I never had to fill out a job application. I was hired at almost every job I have ever had without filling out a job application. The most important things for getting a job are having a good reputation in your community, and carrying yourself well, and by being polite and respectful of other people, etc. 

With acting you need to mail out headshots and resumes, and demo reels, etc, and that is a whole different animal, those jobs are hard to get. I think that you need to go to Malibu and hang out with the people in the entertainment industry, and let them help you to get work, and work with them, etc. Also, living in a luxury condo highrise, like Empire West, where a lot of people from the entertainment industry live, would help you, you can drink beer with a guy who has the potential to hire you, and you can create new projects with your neighbors, etc. And the same with producing, you need to get out and meet people, and mingle with the people in the industry. 

Spielberg told me in an email that the world wide web is the future, and he said that everything you need to succeed in the entertainment industry is on the world wide web. But, nothing is better than having a few beers with people in the industry, and it is great to have neighbors in the industry.


Tony V. 
8  Home and Garden / Food Matters / Re: Food Matters on: March 06, 2018, 08:58:58 PM
We should have all of the best chefs, like Emeril Lagasse, and Wolfgang Puck, and Bruno Serato, help to produce recipes for the food for the troops. We should feed the troops the best food that we possibly can. 




We need to provide the best food for our troops, it is a little thing, but I bet it means a lot to our troops.


Tony V. 
9  Home and Garden / Food Matters / Re: Food Matters on: March 06, 2018, 04:38:23 PM
Here is a Ravioli recipe from Emeril Lagasse, he is great, I bet these are great, maybe I will make this recipe eventually...


Meanwhile, I eat Chef Boyardee, Beef Ravioli, on occasion, it is easy, you just open a can and heat it up. An interesting thing is that they served Chef Boyardee to the troops during World War II, it was part of the military rations...



Tony V.
10  Arts / Celebreality / Re: Celebreality on: March 02, 2018, 06:28:08 PM
I walked down to see the Muzeo here in Anaheim, and as I approached the entrance a beautiful young lady who looked like Princess Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco held the door open for me. But, it could not have been her, I doubt she would be at the Muzeo by herself. Though she has been in California a lot lately, and she might be in California for the Oscars and the after-parties.

I know that I would be at the Oscars, and the after-parties if I could.

When I worked as a valet / doorman for Suzanne Pleshette there was a man in the building, Norby Walters, who threw an Oscar party every year, his party was called, "Night of 100 Stars," it was great, I wish I could have attended.

Norby has had to end the parties, but they were great. Here is a link...

I would love to escort Princess Charlotte Casiraghi to the Oscars, and after-parties. Smiley

I already have several nice Italian suits which would be more than appropriate, and I would go with my Genadi, Luigi Bonomi, one hundred percent cashmere, sport coat, and it already has a picture of an Oscar inside it and it says "Oscar Alta Moda." And I have Bruno Magli shoes. I am ready to go. Smiley

Maybe I will be able to go to the Oscars and after-parties next year. It would be awesome. ( I have attended the Cannes Film Festival, in the South of France, and that was awesome, I went in 2000, I would love to go to Cannes every year too. )


Tony V.
11  Science and Technology / Business and Technology / Re: Business and Technology on: March 01, 2018, 05:29:06 PM
When the USA formed the founding fathers were all inventing stuff, and then they were manufacturing their inventions here in the USA, and they were exporting the goods around the world. Guys like Ben Franklin were inventors. 

We need to be the same way today, we need to be inventors, and creators, and we need to manufacture our inventions here in the USA.

And if you write a movie script, or a television series, then you need to make your project right here in Hollywood.

That is the way that the USA became number one.


Tony V.
12  Home and Garden / Food Matters / Re: Food Matters on: February 28, 2018, 12:41:32 AM
Recipe: Sicilian Fish Soup

Mussels, calamari, shrimp, scallops and halibut combine to create this magnificent Sicilian soup.


I love hot soup on a cold winter evening, this soup would be great, with a nice bottle of Chianti.


Tony V.
13  National / Bush Administration / Re: Bush Administration on: February 27, 2018, 05:18:06 PM
There is a myth that hard working middle class Americans pay taxes to support the illegal immigrants. Some people are trying to turn the poor working people against the illegal immigrants by telling the poor working people that their hard earned tax money is going to help illegals....

"Undocumented immigrants do not qualify for welfare, food stamps, Medicaid, and most other public benefits. Most of these programs require proof of legal immigration status and under the 1996 welfare law, even legal immigrants cannot receive these benefits until they have been in the United States for more than five years."

It is a myth. The illegal immigrants come here to work. And the illegals pay sales tax, etc.

We need to do like President Reagan did, and we need to make the immigrants legal, so that we can bring them out of the shadows so that they can legally work and pay taxes, and join labor unions, etc, and so that they can call the police in the case of an emergency, etc. We need to make all of the immigrants legal like Reagan did, and we need to create a special "GOOD NEIGHBOR" policy for our good neighbors Canada and Mexico, and we need to allow Canadians and Mexicans to legally live and work in the USA, and we need to allow them to go to school here, etc, and then we need to have a special path to citizenship for them.

Also of note is that Mexico is California's number one trade partner, Mexico helps the economy of California, that is why California has the sixth leading economy in the world all by itself. California is as wealthy as France, all alone. We need to work together with our good neighbors, and we do not need any walls.

Instead of being angry with the Mexicans for coming to California to pick strawberries, etc, the poor middle class Americans need to be angry with companies for sending all of the jobs to China, to take advantage of communist slave labor. Many American companies have no loyalty to Americans, they only care about money and the bottom line. It is time for Americans to turn their anger where it should be turned.

It reminds me of the Civil War, when the wealthy slave-owners in the South duped the poor Southerners into fighting the war for them, by telling them that it was about state's rights and stuff instead of being about slavery. It was about slavery, and the poor white Southerners should have told the wealthy slave-owners to pound sand.


Tony V.
14  National / Bush Administration / Re: Bush Administration on: February 27, 2018, 03:48:09 PM
Here is a link for a new newspaper in Palmdale, California, which has all good news...

My friend Larry Hobson is the editor, and owner, and contributor. 

One interesting article, is one where he suggests that people should not have to pay property taxes after the age of seventy. 


Tony V.
15  National / Bush Administration / Re: Bush Administration on: February 26, 2018, 05:42:40 PM
When they made the "Harry Potter" movies, J.K. Rowling said that they could only hire British actors, and they had to shoot the movies in England, from what I understand, she wanted to help the people of her homeland. But, they were allowed to do the Wizzarding World Of Harry Potter at Universal.

I have a script for a film that I helped to write, and I own it, and I decided that my film has to be made here in Hollywood, with American actors. I was contacted early on by a producer in Canada who wanted me to bring my project to Canada, and I told him that my project has to be made here in Hollywood, my script is a Hollywood script. I will shoot it here. I will make films in Italy later on, and stuff, but I want the project that I have now to be shot in Hollywood, and I want to help to create local jobs for Americans.

And other Americans need to do the same thing, when you invent a new product, or write a movie script, or whatever, demand that it be made here in the USA.

People also need to support American jobs by buying products which were made in America.


Tony V.

If you were to take the Canadian offer, mightn't that give you a greater chance of having future projects produced where you would like them to be done, increasing total jobs?

I don't really know how the movie industry works, so my question could be totally off base, in which case I apologize.

That is not what J.K. Rowling did, she demanded jobs for the British right out of the gate, she started out making demands. She knew the quality of her work, and she set conditions on her own terms. And what if one film was all that she was able to make?

And I did not think twice about it, when the guy in Canada asked me to bring my project to Canada, I told him that my script is a Hollywood movie, and that it needs to be made in Hollywood.

Certainly J.K. Rowling already had the success of her book to back her up, but she still did it all on her own terms.

It would have been nice to have been working and making films this whole time since then however. I have wasted a lot of time just trying to get the money to make my movie. Almost twenty years. Maybe I should have went to Canada and I could have been working and getting money and experience, but it never entered my mind at the time. I had faith in Hollywood, and that I could make my movie here. Hollywood is not dead yet, I still plan to make my movie here.


Tony V.

So how many copies of your script's story have sold?

JK Rowling had about 4 best selling books before they settled down to shooting the movie of the first one.

Do what you want. But if you're going to pretend you're JK Rowling, you have to have a track record of JK Rowling level Success to back it up.

I certainly respect J.K. Rowling.

I need to get my script into the hands of Ariana Grande, I need to send a copy of my script to her agent. And I typed my script onto my computer so that I can send it as an attachment on an email.

Here is a video of Ariana Grande, it is a couple of years old, but that is fine. And for my movie she needs to have blonde hair.

I have a friend too who was in the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and Suicidal Tendencies, and other bands, and he has connections, and he is trying to help me. I also remained friends with a teacher from when I attended the AADA, and she is trying to help me. It is hard to make movies because of the high cost, and it is almost impossible to get the money to make a movie.

They told me when I started that it might take twenty years to become an over-night success.

But, if you make it, then it is all worth it, and you become eternal, you leave a part of yourself behind in your work.

They never said it would be easy, they said it will be worth it.

Anyhow, Ariana Grande is from Florida, and she is a real pro. I am sure she would do a great job on my film, and I can provide her with an acting coach if she wants one, my friend from the AADA would be more than happy to coach her. She could win an Oscar with this one. And if she agrees to work on my project then we can find the money. The issue of Director is another story, I would love to direct it myself, but it is harder to get the money without a well-known Director. (Hef was going to put up the money to make my movie if Oliver Stone would direct it, but Oliver said "No" and then Hef backed out. Hef was a good guy, he at least read my script and tried to help, may Hef rest in peace.) And we can shoot my film right here in Hollywood.


Tony V.

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