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1  National / Bush Administration / Re: Bush Administration on: December 15, 2017, 08:14:46 PM
Marco Rubio is still Presidential....


Why I’m Voting Yes on Tax Reform


On December 2nd, when the Senate passed our version of tax reform, I voted yes with one reservation: that while the bill contained pro-growth reforms making American businesses more globally competitive, that version did not give enough relief to hardworking American families.

This week, as we have worked our way through the last steps of the tax reform process, I have been a consistent advocate for ensuring meaningful tax relief for working families is included in the final bill. I am happy to report after negotiations with my colleagues, the child tax credit has been significantly expanded to enable more lower-income workers to keep more of the money they earn.

For far too long, Washington has ignored and left behind the American working class. Increasing the refundability of the Child Tax Credit from 55% to 70% is a solid step toward broader reforms which are both pro-growth and pro-worker. But there is still much more to do in the months and years to come.  The progress made on the Child Tax Credit would not have been possible without the support of Senators Mike Lee and Tim Scott, and Ivanka Trump.

This change, along with the strong pro-growth, pro-American jobs provisions already contained in the legislation, makes me an enthusiastic yes vote for the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act. This tax reform legislation is now a historic win for American working families.

I look forward to the vote next week, and for President Trump to sign the bill into law as an early Christmas present to the American people.


We also need to support tax breaks to help with student loans.

And we need approaches which seek to keep the fathers involved in the lives of their children. Too many children are being raised without fathers. And we need more good programs like the Big Brother / Big Sister program, etc.


Tony V.
2  Arts / Celebreality / Re: Celebreality on: December 15, 2017, 12:04:54 AM
I want to go to Club 33, I have friends from the desert who have been there, and I want to go too.


Tony V.
3  Home and Garden / Home / Re: Home on: December 14, 2017, 02:26:08 PM
On the issue of construction workers, right now people are working for low wages, cash, under the table, and they never really master their trades, the work is all shoddy. And like for an apartment complex they have maintenance men who do all of the work, and they are not masters of their work, they do shoddy work.

The best way, is for people to join the unions, and when you first start out you become an apprentice, and you work for a master craftsman while you learn your trade. Then, you work your way up. And unions make sure that the workers are paid fair. So, with the union workers you know that they are going to do good work, and they are paid fairly.

The whole issue of construction workers working for ten dollars an hour, cash, under the table, sucks, the workers never really learn how to do good work, and the workers cannot even afford to rent an apartment, and pay for food, and pay their bills, etc, and they cannot afford to take care of their families.

If the workers start as apprentices, in a union, working with master craftsmen, then they learn their trades, and they are paid fair, and they can take care of their families, etc.

Right now some construction workers work full time, and they cannot even afford to pay their rent, and they never master their trades. My advice for people who want to do construction work is for them to join unions.

And thank God for building codes, and building inspectors, to make sure that the buildings are safe. 


Tony V.
4  Science and Technology / Business and Technology / Re: Business and Technology on: December 13, 2017, 06:04:33 PM
In Oregon they have canneries, canning fruits and vegetables...

And everyone who is unemployed there knows that they can go get a job at the cannery. Regardless of education, or experience, or criminal record, you can get a job at a cannery. People who are educated, or who have experience, can rise to higher paying jobs at the cannery, etc. My Grandmother on my Father's side was a supervisor at the cannery in Stayton, Oregon, and one of my Uncles was also a supervisor there. The people in Oregon are grateful to have those jobs, and they need to fight to keep those jobs from going to China, etc.

Sadly, American jobs are all going to China, and to other places, and California is not the only state that lost jobs to China and to other nations, states all over the USA have suffered.

We lost our automobile manufacturing jobs in Van Nuys, California, to Canada, so even Canada has been stealing our jobs. We need to bring the jobs back.

On the issue of factories in Mojave, California, those are the kind of jobs that Mojave needs. Whenever people are unemployed, they can go to the battery factory in Mojave and get a job, or whatever, Mojave can manufacture many things, and people will love to have those manufacturing jobs. And there can be jobs for all levels of workers, there can be jobs for uneducated and untrained people, and then there can be the supervisor jobs and stuff for the people whom have experience, and whom have an education, etc.

And I am a Republican, I have always voted for Republicans, I just do not agree with Trump on many issues, including immigration, I think that we need to make our immigrants legal like President Reagan did, and we do not need walls. We do not need a wall with Canada, and we do not need a wall with Mexico.

One Republican who was a good Senator, who might be a good President, is Gordon Smith of Oregon, he is a real Republican, and I bet he is against walls.


I also like Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, and Rubio would not build a wall.

We need high speed trains, instead of walls.

President Reagan made the immigrants legal, he did not build a wall. George W. Bush was great too, and he did not build a wall, and Jeb Bush married a Mexican lady. We need to have a "Good Neighbor" policy with our good, Christian neighbors here in the Western Hemisphere, we do not need any walls.

And Mojave, California, needs manufacturing jobs, Mojave could benefit from having factories.


Tony V.
5  Science and Technology / Business and Technology / Re: Business and Technology on: December 12, 2017, 02:46:07 PM
A Glimpse of Another America

Mojave, California, would be the perfect place to build factories. They have railroad access, highway access, and airports, and the land prices are very low, and close-by in Lancaster, Palmdale, Quartz Hill, Rosamond, etc, there are half a million people, and many of the people are unemployed, and many of the people spend four hours a day trapped in traffic to go to and from work in the Los Angeles area, it would be great to have factories for the people to work at in Mojave.
Some of the ideas for stuff that could be manufactured at factories in Mojave would be to manufacture flash-light batteries, and car batteries, and cell phone batteries, and other types of batteries. People could also manufacture glass in Mojave, and airplane windows. They could also manufacture stuff to go along with the clean energy jobs, such as manufacturing windmills and windmill generators, and solar panels, and other things to go along with the clean energy jobs of the future. They can manufacture other things in Mojave as well.
Guys like Richard Branson have projects in Mojave. 
There are plenty of jobs for the brilliant scientists and for other brilliant people, building spaceships, and fighter planes, and bombers, and satellites, etc, etc, etc, but there needs to be jobs for people who are not educated and for people who are not scientists, there needs to be low skilled jobs for the people who just want to work at a factory and support their family. There are many proud workers who are uneducated, and they would love factory jobs in Mojave. 
There are many reasons why factories are needed in Mojave, and everyone would benefit.
Here is a page with info about the Antelope Valley...
Tony V. 
6  Home and Garden / Food Matters / Re: Food Matters on: December 10, 2017, 11:16:09 PM
The Teppanyaki Grill Supreme Buffet is awesome...

They have great food, including all you can eat sushi.


Tony V.
7  National / Bush Administration / Re: Bush Administration on: December 10, 2017, 11:00:10 PM
Trump is not a Republican. Real Republicans would never want to build a wall.

No Wall!

We must never allow the wall to be built.


Tony V. 
8  Home and Garden / Food Matters / Re: Food Matters on: December 10, 2017, 07:58:10 PM
We have a place right down the street from where I live where you can buy tacos at three o'clock in the morning, they are open 24 hours per day, and they have real authentic Mexican food. Anaheim has a great variety of great foods.



Tony V.
9  Home and Garden / Food Matters / Re: Food Matters on: December 10, 2017, 07:14:47 PM
The best food to eat if you feel a cold coming on, is spicy Thai soup, it is awesome. 

I have a nice local delivery service for Thai food here in Anaheim, they have great food.


That is a great thing about Anaheim, is that you can find a wide variety of foods. You can even find sushi at midnight.


Tony V. 
10  International / Central and South America / Re: Central and South America on: December 10, 2017, 02:45:46 AM
For the new immigrants, coming to the USA from Venezuela, etc...

Battle Mountain, Nevada, would be a good area for new immigration and growth. The area has gold, and jewelry can be made from the gold, etc. And the area has huge cattle ranches, and the beef can be made into beef stew and can be canned and shipped around the world, and other things can be made from the beef, and dog food can be made from the bones from the beef, etc, and stuff can be made from the leather from the cattle, etc. Many jobs can be created in Battle Mountain.

As people from Venezuela are looking for new places to live, the people of Venezuela can consider Battle Mountain, Nevada, USA.


For those who wish to study, there is the Great Basin College in Elko...

There is plenty of land to build on, and the prices are low. The only bad thing, is that it is extremely cold in the winter, it is not warm like California and Southern Nevada, etc.


Tony V.
11  National / Bush Administration / Re: Bush Administration on: December 09, 2017, 05:24:09 PM
Some people in Israel believe that the "Palestinians" can go live in Jordan.

Meanwhile, things have improved for Israel since Arafat died, and Saddam is gone now, in many ways things have improved for Israel. And modern technology is helping to give Israel a better sense of safety.

Now Israel is protected by the Iron Dome system...


If I was a "Palestinian" I would want to have a good life, and I would want to have a family, and I would want my family to have good lives, and I would live wherever I could make that possible. Even as a Californian I would love to go live in Italy, so it is along the same lines, if I was a Palestinian I would go live in Jordan, or Italy, or Rio De Janeiro, Brazil, or Costa Rica, or the Philippines, or Australia, or maybe France, or somewhere. I would not just sit there and suffer, I would move to someplace where I could have a better life. 

Jordan needs to continue to welcome the Palestinians. Israel is already small, and Israel should not be any smaller. There are plenty of places where the Palestinians can live in peace and prosperity.


Tony V.
12  National / Bush Administration / Re: Bush Administration on: December 09, 2017, 05:59:29 AM
Bambu, declining someone a job based on their sex is not allowed in the USA...

The Civil Rights Act of 1964 is all about equal employment opportunity...

And then we have the Civil Rights Act of 1968 that guarantees fair housing opportunities...

And for instance, when you apply for a job at Universal Studios you do not have to answer the questions about your race, etc, etc, etc. When a Japanese company owned Universal, they had to hire all races, they were not allowed to only hire Asians, etc.

Although, there are apartment buildings in East Hollywood where the apartments are for women only, and there are group homes for men only, etc. And there are gyms for women only, etc.

I believe that women should be paid the same as men as well. Equal pay for equal work. When you are hiring truck drivers, you need to give the women an equal shot at getting the job, and the women need to be paid the same as the men. And male and female nurses need to be paid the same, etc.

Anyhow, Bambu, you are supposed to give everyone an equal opportunity in the USA, and companies like Universal have to give everyone an equal opportunity, men and women both. They could never just stop hiring men.


Tony V.
13  National / Bush Administration / Re: Bush Administration on: December 07, 2017, 08:03:42 PM
These guys want to mine coal, Tony

Maybe Ivanka Trump, and Dolly Parton, and others, can talk some sense into them. The coal mining jobs are not coming back, and they need to train for the jobs of the future.


Tony V.
14  National / Bush Administration / Re: Bush Administration on: December 07, 2017, 06:11:23 PM
On the issue of unemployed coal mine workers...

We can put a tariff on imported oil to pay to train the coal mine workers to do the jobs of the future, such as making solar panels, and wind power generators, etc.

We do not want to put a tax on the local, native oil, because that would hurt the USA, but what we can do is to put tariffs on the oil from the Middle East, etc, and use some of the money from the imported oil tariffs to train the workers in the coal areas to do the jobs of the future, and we need to give them business loans to create the companies of the future, etc.

The coal jobs will not return, and we need to train the coal workers for the jobs of the future.

The coal mine workers can help to build solar panels for Puerto Rico, and for Texas and Louisiana, etc, as those areas rebuild they need to go green and use clean energy, such as wind, hydro, geothermal, solar, etc, etc, etc, and the former coal workers can help to build the solar panels for them, etc, they should get tax breaks for buying American products as they rebuild.


Tony V.
15  Arts / Celebreality / Re: Celebreality on: December 07, 2017, 02:24:20 PM
I had a great dream last night, I dreamed that I met Princess Charlotte Casiraghi of Monaco, I dreamed that all of my friends put in a good word for me, and they told her that she had to meet me, and so we met, and we got along great, we hit it off instantly, and then we were riding in the backseat of a car, someone else was driving the car and we were in the back seat, and we were getting along great, but then she told me that she was getting married to someone else the next day, and she said that she wished that she had met me sooner, so I told her to kiss me and see how it is, and so we kissed, and it was great, but then she said that she was still going to marry the other guy, and I told her that we got along great and just imagine in three months how great we would get along, if it was so great instantly, just imagine how close we would become over time, and I told her that somehow I knew we were meant to be together, and I awoke from my dream while I was trying to talk her out of marrying the other guy, and I was trying to talk her into being with me.

It was a great dream. My friends set us up, and we got along great. I just had to talk her out of marrying the other guy. It was like in a movie. 

In real life, she is single, with a small child, Raphael. She was here in Southern California recently and some gossip columnists were saying that she was dating Brad Pitt, but she said that she is not dating Brad Pitt. So she is single, and available. I want to date her.


Tony V.
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