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1  Arts / Movies / Re: Movie Club on: June 22, 2008, 05:26:00 PM
look forward to sharing observations, NYT, when it does.

Had a chance to watch Never On Sunday yet? 
2  Books / Meander Where You May / Re: Meander Where You May on: June 22, 2008, 05:18:00 PM
Reading is good on the flight over, but I'll be surprised if (all) your noses are in books during the daylight hours while there.  Beauty everywhere !  Enjoy, enjoy!

Thanks much, kit.  Was last there with different family in 1977 after college graduation.  One day the newspaper we got to read on the beach had a headline story about the school I had just graduated from: Kent State (article was about decision in lawsuit over students killed/wounded in May 4, 1970 events and/or plans to build gym/complex on the site of same).  I recently dug up books I read before going then: a volume of Hawaiian myths & legends, a "literary chronicle" series of stories/essays, and Gavin Dawes's history A Shoal of Time (I think it was this one that gave me an attack of haole guilt).  This time will try to do as you suggest and focus on the natural beauty--I'm crazy about waterfalls, among other phenomena.   
3  Books / History / Re: World History on: June 22, 2008, 05:00:33 PM
Hearty (get it?) if belated recovery wishes, Bob! 

Thanks to than for pre- or overview of financial entanglements, which part I'm just getting into.  Interesting to see how carefully everyone seems be avoiding saying that CIA machinations weren't directly with OBL, but it's obvious funding (and arming) in support of "my enemy's enemy" in Afghanistan benefitted same. So, while the "godless Communists" were being opposed, the very godly Islamists were being empowered.   

I'm sure it's because of reading Coll's book that I found this article in today's paper of interest (and suspect others might as well):

4  Arts / Comedy / Re: Comedy on: June 22, 2008, 04:15:01 PM
Apologies if this has appeared here already

A man is walking by the zoo when he sees a little girl leaning into the lion's cage. Suddenly the lion grabs her by the cuff of her jacket and tries to pull her inside to devour her right in front of her screaming parents.
The man runs to the cage and hits the lion square on the nose with a powerful punch. Whimpering from the pain the lion jumps back letting go of the girl, and the man brings her to her terrified parents who thank him endlessly.
A reporter has seen the whole scene, and addressing the man says: "Sir, this was the most gallant and brave thing I've seen a man do in my whole life."
'Why, it was nothing," the hero replied; "really, the lion was behind bars, and I knew God would protect me just as He did Daniel in the lions den long, long ago. I just saw this little kid in danger and acted as I felt was right."
"I noticed a bible in your pocket," said the journalist.
Yes, I'm a Christian and was on my way to a bible study," the man replies.
"Well, I'll make sure this won't go unnoticed. I'm a journalist, you know, and tomorrow's paper will have this on the front page."
The journalist leaves. The following morning the man buys the paper to see if it indeed brings news of his actions; he reads the front page headlines, "Right Wing Christian Fundamentalist Assaults African Immigrant and Steals His Lunch."
5  Arts / Movies / Re: Film Trivia on: June 22, 2008, 03:52:09 PM
I would say nothing comes to mind but these did:  Interiors and Five Easy Pieces
6  Arts / Movies / Re: Film Trivia on: June 18, 2008, 01:56:47 AM
Thanks from me for anagrams, too!

And yeah, desdemona, help us out--pleez
7  Arts / Movies / Re: Movie Club on: June 18, 2008, 01:38:09 AM
I'm there, dzimas, only wish I could imitate Mercouri's growly purring of "Ho-mair" for at least 3 syllables to the oh-so-intelligent yet poor bemusedly befuddled Dassin.  Remember, at the end "they all go to the seashore!"
8  Books / Meander Where You May / Re: Meander Where You May on: June 18, 2008, 01:10:56 AM
My older daughter's reading Rushdie, younger daughter's reading Allende with Hosseini on deck, and I'm into Coll's The Bin Ladens  Wonder if we'll talk books on vacation in Kauai or just vegetate in the vegetation on our family vacation.  (First one with son-in-law in the mix, but he's mellow, has skills of various kinds and a good sense o' humor, so all should be well.) 

9  Books / History / Re: World History on: June 16, 2008, 10:00:08 PM
himself as martyr and financier.

And I think we all know how painful that can be!  (Sorry, just couldn't help but smile at this particular duality.)

I'm still brought up short when I realize how old--I mean young--OBL is, all those graybeard images, I guess.  I'm having trouble recalling the last video of OBL that was shown on US tv, but I continue to see his image whenever I go to buy stamps in the PO, where the "Most Wanted" posters seem to offer a consistency and continuity in an otherwise rapidly changing world (or maybe it's just that so few of those guys get caught!). 

Oddly enough, the case I'm working on involves a Pakistani national who thinks he is helping his case (he acted in pro per) by revealing all sorts of very unhelpful personal anecdotes that he thinks show his "sense of humor" that would negate the charge of stalking but is highly unlikely to win over a jury: Example, at college in Alabama he found himself prey to frat boy humor when he was taken to bars in Panama City FL (!) for his first exposure to alcohol and ended by being booted out of clubs. Another time he was bet he couldn't "pull a Madonna on Highway 231"--meaning he was left naked by the side of the road to try to catch a ride back to campus--he succeeded, but the ride he caught was with a higher up at the univ. he attended, who disgustedly gave him a coat to cover his "reverse erectile dysfunction" (left with him by the roadside was his first Playboy magazine)  I'm tellin' ya, you couldn't make this stuff up.

OK, back to book.  I really will try to stop the digressions.
10  Books / Creative Writing / Re: Creative Writing on: June 16, 2008, 09:35:01 PM
[beppo: A very happy belated-but-still-Bloomsday!]

Meanwhile, Gordon had tunneled his way into a private wine cellar and was wondering if the timetable for his latest prison break could be expanded a bit to allow for some sampling and....

a nosh or two, should he be able to persuade the tunnelers at his, the tunnelers behind him to bring along some urine-smelling inner organs of animals such as those relished by not-the-producer-Leo(pold)-Bloom, or at least some not-the-other-producer-Bialystocks, or even a few not-the-JFK- Berliners.   
11  Arts / Music / Re: Popular Music on: June 16, 2008, 09:20:14 PM
Anyone else heard of Brett Dennen and found "Darlin, Do Not Fear" -- one of the songs on the list to the right on his page: -- really captures the ear?  Apparently "Ain't No Way" was/is bigger, but I was taken by t'other.  [Also, I confess that I didn't look him up until husband asked me about his song "Blessed" that played on one of those Hilton Hotel point A-to-point B ads, the one with "Pangea"].
12  Arts / Television / Re: Television on: June 16, 2008, 09:12:40 PM
Me, too--am intrigued as well as glad to know DaVinci name is redeemed another way, and not entirely Brown'ed off.  Thanks for the alert.
13  Arts / Movies / Re: Movie Club on: June 16, 2008, 01:08:51 AM
Never on Sunday arrived in the mail today,

I think I'll watch it tomorrow.

You are in for a great treat, am envious of anyone seeing it for the first time.
14  Arts / Movies / Re: Film Trivia on: June 13, 2008, 09:13:23 PM
Truly barton, it's a stumper...desde, can you give us the decade, at least? 
15  Books / History / Re: World History on: June 13, 2008, 09:09:04 PM
That seems to compare if you think of generations of descendants actually descending ("down" as it were) from an original couple, but there is also the dimension of "across" (can you tell I love crosswords?)  due to the multiple marriages, so that one generation has 57 siblings.  Coll also seems fascinated with the dichotomy represented by Salem and Osama, yet even Salem observed religious customs when at home and acted as clan patriarch as much as international playboy/entrepreneur.  His shenanigans are sure more fun to read about than Osama's piety.  I love the wide gulf between Salem determining that telecommunications were the way of the future, and Osama's determination to avoid things not available to/in the time of the Prophet.

Sidenote: I dunno if Hitler was a believing Catholic or not but he/the Nazis sure enlisted followers using religious hatred of Jews (think of the odious epithet "Christkillers") and add to the mix hatred of Socialists of the Communist persuasion, many of whom were Jewish. Many of secular tendencies think another factor in the hatred of Christians for Jews harkened back to medieval times when Jews were allowed to lend money but such was forbidden to Christians as the sin of usury, with the resulting growth of wealthy Jewish banking families (and of a stereotype of Jews).   OK, end of digression...will get to Osama's brand of anti-semitism soon enough. 
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