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1  Books / Meander Where You May / Re: Meander Where You May on: June 20, 2008, 05:44:52 PM
This story...

...has nothing whatsoever to do with BK, but nonetheless appeals to my footloose spirit.

I'm thinking Oceanic Flight 815....
2  Arts / Movies / Re: Movies on: June 19, 2008, 10:06:47 PM
And speaking of, dzimas, I love My Name is Nobody.  Even if the hubby shudders when I find it while flipping.  I truly enjoy MNiN, though, and consider it a love letter of sorts to the western -- Leone's (defacto) tribute to everything wild about the (or "our") west.   The movie itself is nowhere near Top 10 list material, but nonetheless ann enjoyable ride.
3  Arts / Movies / Re: Movies on: June 19, 2008, 11:42:56 AM
Okay, I looked and it's Unforgiven, so never mind.   

But I have a hard time feeling the love for The Searchers -- most of the film is spent with Wayne planning to kill Natalie Wood since she's been ruined by them savages (the movie's point of view, not mine).   Granted, I've only seen it once, so maybe I'm missing an ironic subtext or something.  With this ranking, I'm sure it will show up soon, so maybe I'll give it another look. At least it'll be pretty, some of those shots are amazing, IIRC. 

I agree with a bunch of the AFI choices, but some I could do without.  In romantic comedies, I'd pull Moonstruck - I think I'm the only person who really hates that film -- and substitute The Apartment, or even Sabrina, or one of a handful of '30-'40s flicks (Barbara Stanwyck, anyone?  His Girl Friday?  The Thin Man?).  And I might substitute Desk Set for Adam's Rib.

I'm not big on the sci-fi, but I'd pick The Terminator over T2, but that's just me.  And compared to the other epics, I don't see Schindler's List as one -- I like the movie, but I think of epics as big, sweeping, larger than life productions.  Agree that Dr. Zhivago isn't the greatest movie when judged on pacing alone, but it puts me in full swoon pretty quickly so it does something right. IMO of course.  And that music .... I'm headed for a swoon just thinking about it.

And unless I missed it somewhere, Mr. Roberts didn't make any lists. What's that about?
4  Arts / Movies / Re: Movies on: June 19, 2008, 11:22:06 AM
Gotta ask....Do you mean The Unforgiven, starring Burt Lancaster, Audrey Hepburn and Audie Murphy, or Clint Eastwood's Unforgiven?   I've seen The Unforgiven, and it's not all that great, IMHO of course.

5  Home and Garden / Garden / Re: Gardening on: June 18, 2008, 08:24:25 PM
So these compost drums are available at garden centers?

What kind of heirloom tomatoes did you plant, cap0?

Greenstripies, Brandywines,  and Russian purples.  They might have different names in different parts of the country.

Those sound yummy - can we have a review at the end of the season?   

desdemona, my beans are getting eaten alive!  We're thinking slugs, so I've tried something.  Sage is reputed to deter slugs, and I can't find anything saying sage and beans are incompatible; so I've interplanted some sage and will see if the beans recover and/or improve.   If this works, I'll be sure to report back.  Meanwhile, we have a ton of seeds and luckily, beans sprout up pretty quickly.

I never did find any replacement Cherokee Purples, so guess I'll have to fess up to the friend who gave me the starts.  (Shopping at White Flower Farm was a heady experience, but I surely do not belong in a place like that.)
6  Arts / Movies / Re: Film Trivia on: June 18, 2008, 06:25:16 PM
Woo-hoo!!  And Mary Queen of Scots was on early this morning, so I was going to try and catch some of it, looking for telltale runny-nosed closeups.  It's well enough I slept through it, though!

I don't have a question handy and I'm not getting much computer time lately, so the floor's open.

Personally, though, I like barton's answer better than mine.
7  Arts / Movies / Re: Movies on: June 18, 2008, 06:21:42 PM
I screwed up big time today and didn't realize they had some non-dinosaurs at Celebrity Day for the golf tournament.  Should have called in sick -- Luke Wilson is one of the non-dinosaurs, plus Joe Pesci and some others were there.  (jbottle could have come up and hassled Bill Belichick (sp?) in person.) 

But I did see Hairspray, the musical.  Though I love the John Waters version and still prefer it, the musical wasn't all that bad.  It got a little hokey toward the end, but that happens; and especially since this was a film of the musical play, I kind of expected stuff that wasn't in the original.  I've never liked Michelle Pfeiffer much, but she was campily evil and hit the right notes, IMO (character notes, though she did sing, too); and John Travolta wasn't half as unbearable as I expected. It was kinda fun in a totally surprising way. But I still wish I'd played hookey.
8  Home and Garden / Pets / Re: Pets on: June 18, 2008, 06:14:29 PM
I'm taking casting suggestions for my recently completed script, "The Dog Whisperer."  For some reason, I'm seeing John C. Reilly in the title role.
Funny, he doesn't look like John C. Reilly -- you might want to check if the name's been copyrghted or face a nasty lawsuit.  How 'bout The Canine Conversationalist?  Then he can say "Hey, I'm conversatin' with my friend here..."
9  Home and Garden / Pets / Re: Pets on: June 17, 2008, 11:07:06 PM
Smokey Oakey, a horse co-owned by Dame Judi Dench and her chauffeur Bryan Agar, is due to run in the Royal Hunt cup at Ascot this week. He won the £125,000 William Hill Lincoln Handicap at Doncaster in March. (Sunday Telegraph)

Wow, I didn't know chauffeuring paid that well.
10  Home and Garden / Pets / Re: Pets on: June 17, 2008, 06:22:16 PM
Oh, desdemona -- that must have been horrible, I'm so sorry. 

I'm pretty sure my dog will be okay, maybe just not a trick-doing, ball-fetching party animal. And that will be fine.  Thanks for the good wishes.
11  Arts / Movies / Re: Movies on: June 17, 2008, 03:10:01 PM
I was in a Target the other day, looking for sneakers (note:  Target sucks in the shoe dept.), and noticed some of the older DVD titles were marked down to $5 -- IOW you could buy them as cheap as rental. 

Yeah, I know those bins well -- the Stop & Shop does the same thing sometimes; I've bought some really rank movies for a buck that way.  I was just surprised at STAPLES  1) having movies available; and 2) having semi-current  releases available.
12  Home and Garden / Pets / Re: Pets on: June 17, 2008, 03:06:08 PM
Yes, she did -- we told her he was an abuse case, but not that he was caged up.  Abuse can take a lot of forms, so I'd go 50/50 on whether she guessed correctly or was actually told what type of abuse. 

We end up telling a lot of people the dog was abused, because if a stranger or even a neighbor goes toward him, he bolts to the end of his leash and thrashes about like a marlin trying to get off the hook. Or sometimes people who don't know dogs wonder why his tail is between his legs, curled up against his belly.  (He used to poop and pee when he got scared, so the tail thing is a huge step forward - sad but true.)  So saying "He was abused once, but not by us" kind of goes with the territory.  When we first started taking the mutt out to the park and stuff, I think this one guy wanted to report us for animal cruelty.
13  Home and Garden / Pets / Re: Pets on: June 17, 2008, 01:30:46 PM
Okay - twist my arm!  Seriously, it was just very low-key; dog, me and hubby, and communicant (she) in a quiet room.  We were asked to have a number of questions ready; and after we told her one, she'd be very tuned to him for a couple of minutes -- blinking eyes, head bobbing, head shaking -- then come back with information. 

A couple of times, it was information we hadn't given her by way of the questions or talking or anything, and it was a little eerie when she'd nail something that way.   Also very weird was that the dog hates looking at anyone, much less making eye contact; and on occasion, his head would whip around and he'd look her straight in the eye for a few seconds.  He was also much more relaxed than I thought he'd be.

The mutt doesn't really like his old name (understandably) because it's part of his crummy past.  I asked if he'd come when called more often if we used the name he offered up, and the response was "He'll try." The dog also said he'd try to be more willing to approach the hubby -- who's a real softie, pretty quiet, etc. but sometimes moves too quickly -- and the hubby agreed to move more slowly and say "Hey, behind you" or whatever the situation calls for.

The dog volunteered that he loves his walks in the woods (which we already knew, so didn't ask about), and he likes to play a game -- get lost in the woods and try to find his way back.  (We are never taking the leash off!)  But he doesn't like the dog park if it's too busy because a lot of dogs pick on him, which we didn't know.

If you buy into this, the mutt said he lived in a cage for basically his whole life (we know that he did for at least a year with the abusing party, and then six months in the pound while the case went to court) and that he had to learn to live in a house for the first time with us.  We pretty much believe this because we did have to teach him to walk up the stairs by straddling him and lifting his paws up one by one for a couple days -- and we have a lot of stairs -- and the hubby had to teach him to run.  He's pretty much got that down now, too. 

Because of our dog's past, and despite the fact that we've been very nice to him (he even said so, the communicant said), he's still waiting for the other shoe to drop and for us to turn evil.  Bottom line:  He just needs more time to come around.  And time is something we can actually afford -- yeah!!

All in all, it was a very interesting experience.  I'd think it's very easy to get ripped off doing this -- it's not that far removed from palm reading, fortune tellers or whatever -- but I was impressed by this lady.  She seemed to be genuinely concerned with improving things for the mutt. 

Sorry to go on -- y'all can stop scrolling now!
14  Books / Meander Where You May / Re: Meander Where You May on: June 17, 2008, 12:50:20 PM
For those of you who are ordering with BarnesandNoble, Borders is MUCH cheaper now.  They give out free membership cards at their stores (Waldenbooks including, which is apparently owned by Borders now) that you can use online for significant discounts. 

Barnes and Noble (and perhaps Amazon) are looking at buying Borders; so depending how that shakes out, you might want to use the Borders cards sooner than later.   Here's a story with detaisl -
15  Arts / Movies / Re: Movies on: June 17, 2008, 09:42:51 AM
The STAPLES near me has a new thing -- might be new to me but not others, since in some respects I'm on the fringe of the boondocks -- non-returnable DVD rentals.  For $4.99, you buy thie DVD. Once you open it, it's good for two days, then it goes bad or something and you pitch it.  Not the most environmentally conscious method, I must admit.  They had There Will Be Blood, Kite Runner and other semi-recent titles; but if they'd had No Country for Old Men I'd have bought one for sure.   Will have to keep an eye on that display....
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