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1  National / The White House / Re: Trump Administration on: Today at 11:50:23 AM

They sure are.
2  National / The White House / Re: Trump Administration on: Today at 11:48:45 AM
This "administration" is turning me into a serial violator of Godwin's Law.  Each "rally" (didn't he win?) he speaks at leaves me running to Google Images to find just the perfect Nuremberg Rally picture.

Mike Godwin said it is okay to call these folks Nazis.
3  National / The White House / Re: Trump Administration on: Today at 11:45:11 AM

In the Inaugural address there's no mention of the tariff.
I've been led astray again.

Thank you.
4  National / The White House / Re: Trump Administration on: Today at 11:44:12 AM

I am a Republican because of men like Lincoln.

Tony, today's Republican Party has about as much to do with Lincoln as today's San Francisco Giants do the Norse Frost Giants or the Tennessee Titans do the parents of the Greek Gods.
5  National / The White House / Re: Trump Administration on: Today at 01:58:52 AM

Kid, the racism issue underlies so much of what is going on in this country that even if we totally ignored the statue issue, the overall topics are not going to change much.

From the Texas and NC racist gerrymandering to the failure to identify and educate minority gifted kids to the disproportionate shootings of black youth, racism as an issue is not going away.

"Judge: Racism behind Arizona ban on Mexican-American studies"
PHOENIX (AP) — Racism was behind an Arizona ban on ethnic studies that shuttered a popular Mexican-American Studies program, a federal judge said…

It's not going away.
6  Sports / Football / Re: NFL on: Today at 01:01:30 AM
Little inconsistent, aren't you, Josh?

Because I won't boycott FENWAY PARK?

Fenway Park is not The Razor.

Your reasoning is ordinarily better than this, Ham.

I think you are doing a great impression of Red,at the moment.

Uh huh.

When was the last time Laughing Boy said anything nice about your reasoning?!
7  Sports / Baseball / Re: American League on: Today at 01:00:34 AM
Fister with a great BP proof game

Lindor opened the game with a dinger, and Fister slammed the door after that

I like this new pitcher. Interesting that they had him wearing Fister's uniform.
8  National / The White House / Re: Trump Administration on: Today at 12:56:18 AM
Lincoln later revealed that he manipulated the Confederates into firing the first shot, which helped generate war fever in the North.[/I]

Another uncited statement.
9  National / The White House / Re: Trump Administration on: Today at 12:53:58 AM

I say it's for racism that Lee's statues are coming down, same as the Confederate flag.

So what?

You can say it all you would like, but it still isn't true. Yes, Lee was racist. (Not your point, I know.) Yes, the Confederacy was racist and those flying the Confederate Battle Flag (which is not the Confederate flag) are racist. It's true.

Abraham Lincoln...the video seemed to know what it was talking about.

The VIDEO doesn't KNOW anything, Bambu. It is NOT sentient.

And it presented lies to you which you repeated. Did it do it authoratatively? Apparently. But I rebutted it - now you just ignore my points because "the video seemed to know what it was talking about."



There is no proof of Lincoln ever declaring the war was fought to abolish slavery, and without such an official statement, the war-over-slavery teaching remains a complete lie and offensive hate speech that divides Americans, as is being done now by the media and politicians regarding the Confederate flag in South Carolina.

Slavery was NOT abolished; just the name was changed to sharecropper with over 5 million Southern whites and 3 million Southern blacks working on land stolen by Wall Street bankers.

White, black, Indian, Hispanic, Protestant, Catholic and Jewish Confederates valiantly stood as one in thousands of battles on land and sea.  Afterwards, they attended Confederate Veterans' reunions together and received pensions from Southern States.


Lincoln literally promised in his first inaugural address a military invasion if the new, tripled tariff rate was not collected.


So much blather, shared without your having the foggiest what you are sharing.

This, then, is Lincoln's 1st Inaugural Address:

Knock yourself out. Find where he "literally promised ... a military invasion if the new, tripled tariff rate was not collected."

I would love to see you find it. The address is not that long.

I already said that Lincoln did not go to war over slavery.

The attempt to prove he didn't in order to blame him for crap is dumb - he went to war over secession, not slavery.

Secession was prompted by slavery (as has been illustrated in the seceding states' own word, again and again), but Lincoln did not go to war to free the slaves. He went to preserve the Union.

THAT is what he promised he would do and he did.
10  National / The White House / Re: Trump Administration on: Today at 12:36:20 AM
PHOENIX (Reuters) - President Donald Trump, surrounded by thousands of supporters on Tuesday, defended his response to the violence at a rally organized by white supremacists in Charlottesville, Virginia, and attacked the media for "giving a platform to hate groups."
Well there you go.

Ain't that the truth: "well, there you go."

Lie, deny, and obfuscate: that's the song of the Trumpance Union!
11  National / The White House / Re: Trump Administration on: Today at 12:33:20 AM

Debunking the Civil War Tariff Myth

The outbreak of the American Civil War is now more than 150 years past. All the while, the question of what caused the conflict continues to spark disagreement, this despite a longstanding consensus among specialists that slavery – a cultural, political, ideological, and economic institution that permeated (and divided) mid-19th-century American society – was the primary cause of the war. One of the most egregious of the so-called Lost Cause narratives instead suggests that it was not slavery, but a protective tariff that sparked the Civil War.

On 2 March 1861, the Morrill Tariff was signed into law by outgoing Democratic President James Buchanan to protect northern infant industries. A pernicious lie quickly formed around the tariff’s passage, a lie suggesting that somehow this tariff had caused the US Civil War. By ignoring slavery’s central role in precipitating secession and Civil War, this tariff myth has survived in the United States for more than a century and a half – and needs to be debunked once and for all.

In trying to make their case but lacking adequate evidence for the 1860-61 period, “Lost Cause” advocates instead commonly hark back to the previously important role that another protective tariff had played in the 1832 Nullification Crisis. They then (mistakenly) assume the political scenario to have been the same three decades later – that southern secession from 1860-61 was but a replay of the divisive tariff politics of some thirty years before. From this faulty leap of logic, the argument then follows that the Republican Party’s legislative efforts on behalf of the Morrill Tariff from 1860 until its March 1861 passage became the primary reason for southern secession – and thus for causing the Civil War.

Was Lincoln a supporter of the Tariff - largely, he was, though he neither pushed it nor talked much about it, because he felt both that he had not studied the current scheme well enough to have an opinion on it and that it would not serve him or his candidacy for president well.

Douglas was generally anti-tariff, except insofar as it paid the bills - a revenue tariff was fine with him to the point that he publicly lamented an earlier draft of the Morrill Tariff Act's having failed in the Senate, much to the derision of the audience at one of his speeches!

The Tariff was feared by folks in the North like the NY Times editorial board as likely to cause the South to have regular trade at their ports while the North, burdened by the Tariff, would lose out.

The history is rich and full, Bambu.

But what it isn't is on your side - history repudiates you, again and again.

Primary sources and scholarly works - the same stuff you reject over climate issues once again you reject because facts disagree with what you want to be true.
12  National / The White House / Re: Trump Administration on: August 22, 2017, 11:37:06 PM

The Confederate General Who was Erased is the headline of the story concerning General William Mahone. The erasure is not new. And it is neither for the reasons or by the people you, Bambu, assume.
13  National / The White House / Re: Trump Administration on: August 22, 2017, 11:35:05 PM
Washington was a slave owner...fact.
Wonder if he whipped the slaves himself, or had his overseer do it?
Wonder if he clamped on the iron collars/iron face masks etc himself, or had others do it?
Washington...national hero, and hero of African Americans...who proudly name themselves Washington.
...yet Robert E Lee, who was loyal to Virginia, couldn't take up arms against it and its people, and also owned classed as evil, racist.

Well I say that if Lee's statues have to come down, then so too should Washington's.
That is only fair.

Nobody disputed Washington's status as a slave owner.

Did Washington take up arms against the United States?


It is the role of Lee with the Confederacy that has his statues being taken down.

Your denial of that simple fact is right in line with your failure to admit to all the bullshit in your post about the terrible things Abraham Lincoln did.

By the way - Lincoln did not say the war was about slavery - it was about the secession. The secession was about slavery.

But you cannot help yourself, so go ahead and spin some more fictions.

"It's only fair."
At this point Bambu is merely trolling.

Too many people are writing those things about Lincoln...the tarrifs etc...for it not to be true.

Eat shit.

5 billion flies can't be wrong.

So, Bambu, if 5,000 people say one thing and 500 say the other, do they both have to be true?

The Morill Tariff is historical fact, Bambu. It's not a matter of opinion! You can see when it was signed into law and became effective. No amount of posters opinining will change that it came after a bunch of states seceded and before Lincoln became president.

5,000,000 people could say otherwise, but the facts will contradict them.

There remains a consistent effort to change the story of the Civil War, Bambu, and it has been running for a long long time.

You are just the latest fool to buy into their version of history.

Try my next post for a bit more history.
14  Sports / Football / Re: NFL on: August 22, 2017, 09:43:57 PM
Little inconsistent, aren't you, Josh?

Because I won't boycott FENWAY PARK?

Fenway Park is not The Razor.

Your reasoning is ordinarily better than this, Ham.

Did I miss him admitting his head was in his rectum??

a) Yes.

b) No. I don't think it was a thing that if you failed to see it you would miss it.
15  National / The White House / Re: Trump Administration on: August 22, 2017, 09:43:03 PM

Bannon says the Trump presidency is over. NY Post article, of all places.
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