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 on: Today at 02:02:11 AM 
Started by Administrator - Last post by josh
And Steve King (R-Iowa) continues to demonstrate that he is all class, knocking the victims of Katrina vs. those of the non-hurricane caused flooding in his state.

As you can imagine, there are many places that took umbrage at his words.

 on: Today at 01:59:16 AM 
Started by Administrator - Last post by josh
And on Friday, President Trump announced that he was cancelling two new sanctions on North Korea that were announced on Friday.

The problem? They weren't announced on Friday.

Well, one of the problems, I suppose.

 on: Today at 01:54:28 AM 
Started by Administrator - Last post by josh
Meanwhile, the Trump Administration's competence continues to be the gift that keeps on giving:

FEMA shared private information with one of their contractors, including bank transfer numbers, for more than TWO MILLION individuals.

 on: Today at 01:45:41 AM 
Started by Administrator - Last post by josh

I can imagine why he might believe that this would help him.

I cannot fathom what he thinks announcing it is going to accomplish that will be good for anybody, himself included.

 on: Today at 01:38:07 AM 
Started by Administrator - Last post by facilitatorn
De’Andre Hunter from UVA could be someone to think about with a 4th or 5th pick.

 on: Today at 01:35:12 AM 
Started by Administrator - Last post by josh
Why do I have to;

"Type the letters shown in the picture" [I can't read half of them and have to keep requesting a new picture]

and type in a box

"What newspaper shutdown it's forums which resulted in this site"

with every post, and every modification of a post?

including this post.

Absolutely no idea.

The first time was presumably in an effort to keep out spammers (not that it seems to do that), but repeatedly?

And I don't remember any other new members reporting that they have had to do that!

I'll poke around a bit and see what I can find. No promises - I have very limited oversight.

 on: Today at 01:32:35 AM 
Started by Administrator - Last post by josh

According to an official familiar with the situation, the reason for the length of the girl’s detention was to ensure and ascertain that she was not a victim of human trafficking.

Of course they claim that.

Heaven forfend that they simply call the school she was going to.

And if their concern was human trafficking, then what's with the bullshit of pressuring the older brother to say she was his cousin and not his sister.

Your willingness to swallow whatever line the Border Patrol and/or administration utters and then to repeat it as if it were THE TRUTH is legendary.

 on: Today at 01:30:03 AM 
Started by Administrator - Last post by josh

CBP has maintained that they prioritize the "safety of the minors we encounter" and that it is critical to "positively confirm the identity of a child traveling without a parent or legal guardian."

Maybe I was too quick.  May not have been user error at all.


And their statement is so full of bullshit that it is a wonder they are not among the conservative posters here.

 on: Today at 01:28:09 AM 
Started by Administrator - Last post by josh

The border patrol may have mishandled this by being so extreme - and following letter of the law rather than using what understandably is not the brains of our best and brightest.

Yes.  I agree - a system without fuckups is a beautiful thing.  But you go to lengths to suggest it is intentional and promoted.

"She's just a kid - let her go" works, I guess.  Until it doesnt.

You're fucked in the head, Kiiid.

You asked what they should have done. I made some suggestions, which might as well have been in invisible ink, for all the time you gave them.

No, I don't think they followed the letter of the law. I would be shocked if "the law" dictates that they interrogate the older brother and intimidate him into signing a false confession.

So, eat shit, Kiiid, and let us know if you ever grow a heart.

Doesnt seem to be an issue now - except for you

I never really thought it would be an issue for you, Kiiid.

I suppose it is kind of you to confirm it.

And that you think those 30 hours had no cost for either of the children or for their family is emblematic of just how clueless and heartless you are.

 on: Today at 12:37:10 AM 
Started by Administrator - Last post by Kam
averaging 19.3 and 5.5 the last 4 games.

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