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Author Topic: Knicks  (Read 21093 times)


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Re: Knicks
« Reply #1335 on: Today at 01:41:37 PM »

I don't blame Ingram for being annoyed with Harden.
Hardon on a fast break drive just sticks out the ball and elbows a backpedaling Ingram in the face.  I'd call an offensive foul on that as it looked intentional.  But rather a punk move for Ingram to return to the scrum (form 25 feet away) and throw punches at CP3 while everyone is trying to break up his fight with Rondo.

Initially it was Lance who pulled Ingram away from the brouhaha.
I'm not an Ingram fan, but LeBJ should be in his ear and on him, and try to focus him.  He's got talent if he can play smart(er).  Who better to learn from?

Looking forward to Lonzo running the show.

Was actually CARMELO who was walking Ingram - actually aggressively stalking him - away from the pack initially.  CA could have acted more grandfatherly to the young pup, calm him down - instead of chasing and whoofing at the kid

Ingram at fault, immature.
Carmelo didnt help, when he certainly could have (sounds like his whole pro career - heh)
PAUL started the whole fuckin thing
RONDO the badass of the event.  Dont fuck with that cat.
Rest in peace, Tex Winter
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