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Installed latest version of forum software, had a large number of incompatibilities with older version, unfortunately needs to be a clean reboot.  I did attempt to import users from last iteration.  There seems to be a login bug where you have to click the login link and go to the login page to get in. Not sure why yet. 

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Author Topic: Knicks  (Read 6921 times)


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So you'd say it was
« Reply #300 on: Today at 01:27:06 AM »

Highly illogical?


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Re: Knicks
« Reply #301 on: Today at 02:26:20 AM »


If you start Mud over Franc, that would be some ghastly defense.

And all of your primary defenders -- Franc, Vonleh, Courtly, Lance -- come off the bench.

Figure Hardaway & Kanter are locks to start.
Knox probably a starter because his development is important.
Then you need to get at least one of Vonleh or Franc in the starting 5.  Maybe you need both.  Gotta have someone setting the tone and trying on the less glamorous end.

Tim Jr.

Provides some balance.
Let's Tim and Knox offend.
Encourages Franc to shoot more.
Our Bigs clean the glass and get putbacks.

Then the bench offers up Burke's scoring paired with Courtly's muted balanced game.  Zonja shooting.  Muddy's erraticism.  Plus some Lance D.  [Kornet and Robinson in limited spot duty as Knix small out]

Mixes and matches some defenders and scorers on both units.

I kind of have Muddy in a mystery role until we see if he's improved on anything and/or until we move Courtly.

Makes sense in terms of a balance between offense and defense.  Hezonja as a sixth man, plugged in at SF/PF. 


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Re: Knicks
« Reply #302 on: Today at 03:33:03 AM »

I know Kanter gets a big salary this year, hes fully dedicated, plays with heart, is among the best in his areas of strength, but I hope to see either Kornet or Robinson surpass and surplant him as #1 in the pecking order.


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Re: Knicks
« Reply #303 on: Today at 06:24:03 AM »

I suspect Kornet and Robinson have a ways to go to even be decent rotation players.

My starting 5 of: Kant - Vonleh - Knox - Tim Jr. - Franc
is decidedly weak on 3-point shooting.
But once KZ comes back, plug him in at PF and the D and spacing improve significantly.

Fizz has mentioned speeding up the pace which could mean Burke gets a crack at starting PG.  But that craters the D, doesn't help with 3's, and means one of Franc/Mud get lost in the mix.

I don't really have much of a read on Fizz, except that he said he wants a genuine SF at SF.  And seems to want to push, which could help make up some for our lack of outside shooting.


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Re: Knicks
« Reply #304 on: Today at 01:28:27 PM »

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