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Author Topic: Knicks  (Read 13469 times)


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Re: Knicks
« Reply #810 on: Today at 05:29:29 PM »

Can RB finish at the rim yet? 

Occassionally.  Not sure what Fizzie wants

I think drawing and dishing is the better part of Bake's PG  game.

Initially to me he was just a 2 guard - but Knicks think otherwise (at least last year they did  - maybe this will change)

Frank, Bakes, THJ, Knox, KP wouldnt be a bad defensive look


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What Fizz Wants [One Lump Or Two?]
« Reply #811 on: Today at 08:08:50 PM »

Coach has given some pronounced clues to THE FIZZ KIDS.

Urging Kanter to practice this three point shot. 

So he wants to stretch the floor, and play the contemporary game. 

Suggesting he would play Mudiay-Burke-Ntilikina together.

So he wants to optimize ballhandling.

Telegraphing his intention to play Herzonja at the four. 

So Hezonja works this summer on his post-up game. 

Suggesting that he is going to toss Knox into the fire and let him take his lumps at the three. 

So Knox is conscious that defense is priority #1, and therein, GETTING OUT IN TRANSITION.

During early workouts with the likes of Mudiay and Burke, he had them running layup drills, with an emphasis on footwork, finishing in rhythm, and finishing decisively.

So he is placing a premium on opening up passing/driving lanes with the three and attacking the rim, Attacking The Rim, ATTACKING THE RIM.


Crowded backcourt.


Minutes up for grabs at SF/PF


Enes is going to have to fight off the challenge of the two young pups he is likewise expected to mentor. 

Fizz is selling his Kids (and vets...Kanter...Hardaway...Lee...Thomas) on POSITIONLESS BASKETBALL & STARTERLESS BASKETBALL. 

I mean, okay, that's nice in principle...but it seems to me the motivation is to engender the fiercest levels of competition AND teamwork, a touchy balancing act. 

And maintaining that culture, having his charges ready to compete for 48 minutes, to learn how to close out and win, take your lumps and comeback. 

Will that be one lump, or two...

Or three?

Ladies & Gentlemen, Your New LOW EXPECTATION, New York Knickerbockers.
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