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Author Topic: Knicks  (Read 104409 times)
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Bring it to Jerome

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« Reply #16800 on: Today at 05:15:54 AM »

Emmanuel Mudiay is an outlier. Every single Denver player has a negative rating with him on the floor, and every one has a positive one with him off. The net rating with Mudiay is bad, and the net rating without him on the floor is good:
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« Reply #16801 on: Today at 07:33:03 AM »

Frank offense/defense efficiency still at 89/106

Monk at 91/110

Ball at 91/104 (and up to 11 PER)

Ball showed some guts last night coming back vs Cavs in 4th with a balky ankle.  (13-11-8 with 2 steals but 6 TO)
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« Reply #16802 on: Today at 10:13:54 AM »

This was a bittersweet one as KP walked off the floor with a non-contact knee issue in the third. That's all the more frustrating because he was finally seeing the doubles early. But in his absence, without THJ to differ to; Courtney Lee and 19 yr old Frank Ntilikina absolutely took the reins. The French/Baker combo flashed its potential again, making big plays on both ends. Beasley and KOQ showed up in their peak forms. This was a feel good win through and through but it would feel a lot better if we got a "KP's knee injury isn't serious" confirmation today. Anyway, let's end on a brightspot with massive future implications; Frank is starting to emerge.

KP: In 18 minutes, KP went 5/10 from the field for 13 pts, 4 asts, 2 boards and a steal. He had highlight reel dunks, challenged guys on drives and most importantly...spotted the double and found the open man. He actually said he hurt his knee on a kick out to Lee for three that was beautiful to see (making it all the more painful that he got hurt). We know KP the scorer but recently the increased doubles that have hit since THJ got injured were really throwing him off for chunks of game. This time, he absolutely chewed the double teams up and was on his way to a real benchmark game from the playmaking perspective. Best wishes to the man, he's on the verge of adding another dimension to his game and I hope he gets the chance ASAP.

Lee: I had a discussion yesterday, talking about how I thought we may be close to maxed out on how much aggression Lee could offer before his efficiency starts to dip. But in the absence of KP and THJ, he took over as a centerpiece for at least one night and we'll probably need to ride his jumper if those two are gone for any period of time. 27 pts, 4 boards, 3 asts, 2 stls and he knocked down 3 of 4 three pointers. This was the consummate Courtney Lee game. It comes with great defense, moments of leadership, important makes in key moments and sneaky good scoring ability. I've been pushing for a youth movement but this guy is a joy to watch and feels like the true glue that keeps the unit together.

Kanter: He was moving waaaay better in this one...I mean, still lumbering but that's how he is in general. Kanter had 13 and 9 in 27 minutes plus a pair of assists; I'll keep beating up the point that his willing passing has been big in opening up his efficacy. Defensively, there was more effort and mobility. He's always gonna be late on some rotations but at his size, even the late arrival can force a rush take and he at least knows where to go (that wasn't always true for the guy). Really solid performance.

Jack: 8 pts, 3 asts, 2 boards in 22 minutes. He was 3/8 from the field and not particularly effective I'll admit. I'm not mad though because he wasn't particularly bad either and in 22 minutes, you can hide his defensive deficiencies a bit. Frank is chewing up his minutes but Jack is an okay 15 to 20 mpg piece that can sometimes really turn it up a notch if a defense catches him at the wrong time. He's a good example to the rest at minimum.

Lance: At times watching Lance and Demarre Carroll battle just felt redundant. Which guy wouldspend more energy to accomplish less (Carroll won off a couple of open threes). 27 minutes for 5 pts, 1 board and 4 fouls as his whole statline. That said, 3 of his five points came on a nail in the coffin three pointer with about a minute left. He also switched onto RHJ who had torched us all night up to that point...and Lance shut that noise down like an angry neighbor. So he showed his value late.

French Prince: The statline says 7 pts, 8 asts, 5 boards, 2 stls on inefficient shooting numbers...but the fourth quarter felt like the Ntilikina show. He absolutely took over and showed more confidence than we've seen all year (except against Lonzo). Frank drove coast to coast for a lefty lay-up (shout to Baker's cut across the lane to draw a man away from that spot). He drove off a pick and roll for a missed lay-up that KOQ easily followed and finished. He throws no-looks and behind the back passes like they're completely normal passes in his repetoire which is probably why you'll hear Rondo comparisons well after his jumper lands consistently. Defensively, he made Levert look uncomfortable with the physicality. He's not just a pesky defender though, he has shutdown potential and his upside includes switching. He picks up big men and forwards, uses his length and makes them work in spite of height advantages...the wingspan is a weapon that will only be more devastating as he gets stronger and develops more.

Baker: His statline sorta tells a story. 5 pts, 2 boards, 2 blocks, 2 steals in 18 minutes; you see Baker is a fourth or fifth option for an offense. Thankfully, he seems to have legitimately added the corner three to his game to go with hustle and intelligence that makes him useful on that end. But defensively is where he can change a game. He brings the smarts, physicality and effort of Frank. Both guys play passing and driving lanes to harrass guys while still being able to get back home to their assignment. In this one, he made two crucial steals back to back and was involved in multiple defensive sequences that didn't show up on the stat sheet. His blocks were all timing in help situations. Ron gives us an interesting dimension as a secondary ball handler with the ability to impact games through sheer force of will. If he expands the jumper beyond those baseline shots he's hitting, this kid could be legitimate valued rotation piece...we'll see.

KOQ: I've been on this same note for three games now, we're back to KOQ from the beginning of the season again...and that's a monster for any second unit to try and handle. 9 pts, 10 boards, 2 asts, a stl, 2 blocks all put up in 20 minutes. The refs allowed a physical game to go down and he THRIVED. Dude was timing rebounds against defenders with better position all night for easy offensive boards. He got to the free throw line repeatedly, costing Frank double digit assists but getting us points on the board nonetheless. Combining THIS KOQ with Frank and Ron creates a defensive unit that is going to frustrate a ton of teams.

Doug: Early in the season, I mentioned how Frank surveys the floor like a QB running through his options. Doug is the slot receiver to Frank's QB. His off ball movement is a combination of leak outs to three and hard cuts for lay-ups whereas most players only look comfortable doing one or the other. The kid's athleticism is slept on. 9 points and 1 boards in this one over a 25 minute run. He's not getting many touches to be an assist man, his touches are usually straight up for FGA's. The rebounding is a disappointing bit, but the fact that his offball movement created so many openings is enough for me to give him a pass in this one.

Beas: For most of the first three quarters, Beasley frustrated me as usual. But after KP went down, Hornacek put Beasley out there and surrounded him with defenders...and that worked wonders. 15 pts, 4 boards, 1 ast and a stl in 20 minutes. He still had 3 TO's, some dumb fouls and some forced shots (he took 16 FGA's in 20 minutes); but in the fourth and overtime this man's offensive ability really shined. He's a near automatic mismatch because bigs can't keep up and small guys guys overpowered, but his mental lapses make it a crap shoot when he's out there. Surrounding him with defense mitigates the damage on that end and allows him to focus on what he does best.

Hornacek: Late in a competititive first quarter, the Knicks gave up multiple offensive boards in one possession that ended in points against. So he threw in the bench and that squad proceeded to set a tone for the rest of the night. He didn't overdo it with Baker or Lance; trusted Frank and opened up the offense for him; then he figured out how to keep Beasley out there with enough shields to keep our defensive identity...All of this in a game where KP going down could have absolutely shut down the whole crew mentally. This was a really great job, one of my favorite coached games in his whole tenure.

One more bit on the French Baker duo: I think what stands out the most when Frank and Baker are together on the floor is help defense. Both guys refuse to give up on plays. If the ball handler gets a step, they'll chase at his hip and make it a difficult finish. Both guys also habitually step into driving lanes on help defense. So any guard trying to slash against these two is liable to have a player on his hip, a player on the ball side slapping at the rock AND we'll assume a help defender stepping into the paint. It led to steals, missed shots and deep shot clocks their entire time out there. The fact it's a rookie and a sophomore creating that sort of havoc is as promising as it gets.
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