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Author Topic: Science and Religion  (Read 5404 times)
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« Reply #345 on: March 14, 2018, 11:51:34 AM »

What could possibly be more Science and Religion than the death of Stephen Hawking?

Born on the 300th anniversary of the death of Galileo died on the 139th anniversary of Albert Einstein's Birth.
Died at the age of 76, which is the same as Einstein. And nearly the same as Galileo, 77.

Galileo is known world wide by just his first name.
Einstein is known world wide by just his last name.
Stephen Hawking is known world wide by his both names! (Freaky!)

Galileo died (January Cool[Wtf?] just a short time before his birthday (February 15) celebration (which they didn't hold that year)
Einstein died (April 18) just 11 months before his birthday (March 14, pay attention!) celebration (which they went ahead with anyway)
Hawking died (Again, pay attention) like 10 months before his Birthday (Jan, Cool[there it is again!] celebration. (Chance are good there will be hoopla!) What he gets for pantsing Time in the title of his book. (Time never forgets!)

Newton died on March 31, which he would have put off till March 41 so that it could be an inverse. But there is no March 41st. He thought about dying on April 13th but he found palindromes to be the province of nerds!

Unlike Newton, Einstein, Stephen Hawking or Galileo, Leonardo Da Vinci is known world wide by just the mention of EITHER just his first name ("Upa yours a DiCaprio!")or his last two. He chose to die (April 15) just three days before the date of Einstein's eventual birth. I don't know why. But the fact that he was 67 and he wrote stuff in the mirror, he kinda died at 76 too.

Copernicus would have been quoted as saying "Screw you all!"  which is interesting because he's the one who came up with the Heliocentric model of planets orbiting a central God (Helios). Which pissed the Catlicks off Big Time! Thing is his numbers don't add into this discussion in any way other than that they absolutely don't.

Speaking of screws, Archimedes, Inventor of the screw, ironically died at 69. They hadn't invented days yet when he was born, just years, and while they were confusing, given that they were going backwards, it did make it easier to figure out how old somebody was. Just subtract the year he died from the year he was born. One thing we do know is that the Christians didn't put Archimedes to death. I'm not sure, but I think he is now a baptized Mormon.

Aristarchus Of Samos, who, I don't care what part of his name you use, or if you use all of it plus a paragraph about who he was, still not known world wide. To be fair, the world was a lot less wide then. He was world famous in Samos (which other Samos samoans thought the Universe revolved around!) Anyway, he was born in 314BC! And that was before they invented Pi AND Pie! It wasn't until Archimedes rolled into town in 278 BC, which sounds earlier, but... well if you read this far you're doing better than I. I stopped reading about three characters ago...

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« Reply #346 on: March 14, 2018, 06:03:00 PM »

Stephen Hawking had a bird in both his first and last name.  That is as much free association as I'm up for ATM. 

Roger Penrose had a good obit for him in The Guardian. 


"History doesn't repeat itself, but it often rhymes."
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