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Author Topic: Fitness and Nutrition  (Read 3960 times)


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Re: Fitness and Nutrition
« Reply #45 on: January 16, 2021, 04:36:10 PM »


Loma Linda is on that centenarian list IIRC because of its large 7th Day Adventist population.   They are vegan health nuts, big on walking and biking, and quite long-lived.  Okinawa is on the list because it has a similar culture of good dietary measures and everyone walks/bikes.  Same for the Greek and Italian islands.   And all those places respect old people and allow for them to have meaningful roles in their communities and good social networks.   

Short list:

Kill your car.
Mediterranean or Japanese diet,  lots of omega-3 fatty acids,  little red meat
Increased healthy gut flora (kefir,  yoghurt,  kimchi,  etc)
Tree nuts and seeds (especially walnuts,  almonds, chia seeds)
Multigenerational neighborhoods with loose social boundaries between
Low diesel soot (this is turning out to be more important than anyone imagined)
Tolerant view of others (and fuck off,  if you disagree with this)
Sense of humor (example shown above)
Swearing (I kid you motherfuckers not -- studies consistently show link between swearing and longevity)

"History doesn't repeat itself, but it often rhymes. "


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Re: Fitness and Nutrition
« Reply #46 on: January 17, 2021, 03:52:24 PM »

Here are some thoughts about the Italians, and the fact that they live longer and healthier lives, etc.

The Italians do not just live longer lives, they live fuller and richer lives.

And they drink lots of red wine, and some smoke hashish.

Food is not just to feed your body in Italy, they make the whole meal into a wonderful experience, the food is wonderful, the wine flows, and everyone has a great time at dinner, and dinner lasts for about 2 hours. 

And they have public art, statues, opera, and on and on.

The Italians love life, and they love each other, and they love the tourists, Italy is great. 

We have a lot of Italian Americans in the USA, including in New York, and the Italian Americans have contributed greatly to the success of America, and the USA needs to continue to learn from Italy.

And when we build a public post office here in the USA, we should not build just some boring building, we need to build fantastic buildings that we can enjoy and be proud of. And we need to have courtyards with water fountains here in the USA, etc. 

We need to improve the whole experience of life, we need to kick it up a notch.

And it is not just about getting rich and sitting around by yourself, it is about being a part of your community, and enjoying life with your community, and it is about the people in your life. Instead of hiding behind walls, the Italians meet in the courtyard in the evenings. Italians love to socialize with other people, they love people. 

Here in the USA in Little Italy in New York City, Tony Danza hangs out at his historic cheese shop and he greets his fans and he hangs out with the people, he did not get rich and go hide, Tony Danza hangs out with his fans at his cheese shop. That is the Italian way.

And remember the story about the Roseto Effect, and the fact that socializing and having human connections helps people to live longer and healthier lives. Having good friends who you spend time with not only makes you happier, but you will live longer. 

I spent 6 weeks in Rome, I lived on Via Urbana across the street from the Saint Louis College of Music, and it was awesome, and I fell in love with the people of Rome, I became friends with the whole neighborhood. I wanted to stay in Rome, and I planned to move back to live as soon as I could.

I would love to live in Italy. 

We can learn a lot from Italy.


Tony V.
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