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Author Topic: Creative Writing  (Read 169758 times)
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« Reply #3045 on: November 01, 2016, 11:52:50 AM »

That "other thought" from Politics...

For further cogitation and imagination.

It has long been my belief that UFOs don't make sense if for no other reason than, if you have been living in a zero G environment, why in the hell would you want to experience G's? Other than how we seem to love doing it and doing the zero g thing as well, they're called Rollercoasters (or #1's driving) and the whole deal is the thrill of controlled plus and minus g's.

OK. but if I said to you that you were going to go live on Jupiter and you would weigh 8 times what you weigh on Earth you'd say, "No thank you!" So living on Earth after living for some generations in space... "No, thank you."

And but here might be the hitch in that gitalong. What if we only perceive time the same as we perceive the electromagnetic spectrum? We only perceive a tiny slice of the spectrum (although we think we perceive the rest of it through electronic means. Meaning we use the spectrum to reveal the spectrum.) Do we really have anyway of being sure hat there isn't more spectrum that is beyond our cognition?

And we don't really have the tools of times the same way we have the tools of the EMS.

Point being that it is entirely possible that "they" do have that mechanism and that is how they overcome the obstacle  of time.

I guess a time machine is not a new thought (but it might be, I just went back in time and planted the idea after I just came up with it) in SF. And yet, in most major motion depictions of Time space travel, our only method of breaking the tides of time is by going faster than light speed.

However. if your space ship has a time machine {tardis} you would escape the Empire by just hitting the fast forward button.  (which opens some possibilities along the lines of, you arrive where you were going to be at this point in time anyway. Which may include the Imperial Starship still on your tail. You're not altering the "fate" you'r merely jumping to it.... Makes for a short stop to the tale... Hmm...)

As I said, further cogitation and imagination required.

Love to hear some collaboration on this.

« Reply #3046 on: November 01, 2016, 11:59:05 AM »

Just to note.

There have been 411 individual views since 10/28. And there had been 1,244 views between 9/23 and 10 /28. So I know some people are reading this (although there are bots that scan websites for miliseconds and I would suspect a lot of the views are that).

But if you're reading it, write. Yours can't be worse than mine.

« Reply #3047 on: November 12, 2016, 09:53:34 PM »

I apologize.

Sometimes I just get caught up in the character. That's why I write in the first place. And it's always most fun when you let yourself flow into the moment.

I want to thank Mr. Utley. That "Douchebag licking son of a two bit whore" line was a keeper!

But I thought ass sucking parasite was a fairly good riposte.

Trojan Horse: Yeah, you got caught in it. And nobody deserves that. It doesn't help that your kinda easy.

Speaking of which, that's what your routine is like. A 19 year old farm girl comes sauntering into the lumber camp. She's wearing jean cutoffs that haven't been her size in 4 years. Her plaid flannel shirt is tied at the midriff. And then says, "I don't know what eveh could give you boys the ideah!"

Well, I feel better, hope you do too!

And, yeah, but... Chrissie's a badass!

So now whatteryoudoin?

I can improve it.

Yeah but improving it will mean your explaining the joke. Why can't you just trust them?

I can't, dammit. Even when I ... I can't damnit.

Yes you can, here's how you do it. Let the character do it. You make the characters, so just make one that can keep a secret, and then let him be the one to do it.

You, know, that's a good idea. I'll like that idea until,... Recurring theme here. Remember "It* Worth?" And there's something else...

Let him write it, let him keep the secret!

OK do you know what the definition of euphoria is? It's the feeling you have between the time you come up with an idea and when you discover that it won't work.

So right now I think this is a real good idea.

Chrissie is a badass.

It's just, comparing the Pretenders and the Kinks. If I got to guess without knowing much less than I already don't I might even guess that "The Pretenders" is absolutely (Is there a word for this? Was there a class that taught how to look up words based on their meanings- assuming you actually know the correct definition.) some word that means a name that is identifying what it means (not exactly like, but exactly like the name Jason, which means "James' son") is that they are Pretenders to the thrown of(f) the Kinks. At worst she wants to be the queen of the sexual innuendo based named rock and roll bands. The Kinks having aced the King's throne.

You had to explain that "off joke? I thought we were moving on.

Yeah but look. I don't always proof read, and sometimes I'm missing phhft so I want to make sure that readers don't think I wrote thrown throne, no wait, the other way around. Time goes in one direction ladies and gentlemen. Once it's there, it's past. I'm on a mission here.

And besides, you did , and then you were... it's not the crime, it's the coverup.

So is it explaining the joke If I get to the point I wanted to make?

You know that guy wrote that book, well the story. You probably know the story better than I do he wrote a blog and a story grew out of it, he wrote Martian (Note to self, I think that has hit the "free to a subscriber" of something I subscribe to. Time to watch it. It'll be cool if it were available in VR. Shit... Hold it... Shit... and then you could.. Micro Sd, that's what it's called You can put it in you phone. No data charges. No dead zones... no slowing down the. You could download them during dead time for the internet. You have an app very small, as controller. You can customize the hearing experience - speaking of which a 3 inch curved bar that is held over your ear could give you six speakers...nope, that won't work. You'll never have the sub bass that you get with contact. But I was euphoric for a minute...wait a minute, the sub woofer can be in the head band. directly on the bone above your ear. And he's off!)

Martian, on Micro Sd  in VR 360. Fucking A, you think Imax is immersive... I'm going to short IMAX stock (not a recommendation. I prolly won't and I certainly don't want you to think I'm suggesting that you.) But really, IMAX just became a social event. If you want to really see the movie, VR SBS.

Where's the flock?         

« Reply #3048 on: November 20, 2016, 04:22:18 PM »

{Ok this got offtrack, so. Better here than there}

{This is where it gets off track} a global strength to the economies that countries in Europe, an area that had been beset by wars for... Since the Pax Romana in any case. Now they are uniting as a common quasi state. The great experiment has moved!

We are here because America has been the melting pot.
We were the great experiment. Could Democracy survive in a country that is not genetically similar? Thus far, Yes. Although...

But that's a different argument. Before that different argument gets addressed, first we ought to get to the next question that was in line, and that was: Given, that democracy can exist in a Multi ethnic society. Can the ethnic distinctions be maintained and still work for the greater whole? They're working towards the future where they have taken down the invisible fences. They figure either the people won't know the france has been turned off. Or that we've grown accustomed to the places we inhabit and got no real interest anymore what's going on on the other side of the french.

Ask yourself this. In 100 happy years what will the percentage of the people who live in Denmark will be of Danish heritage? And what percent of the rest of Europe will also have some percentage of Danish heritage? Will Europe naturally integrate now that there is an economic fungibility?

Will Europe remain an economic union? Will Britain have rejoined? Will they have a choice?

Now that we're here. You know what? I do think it would be great if this government were more run by "Captains of Industry" It would be nice if life had some sort of logic to it. It would be nice if we looked at the world less as a division of nations and more towards a regionalism.

The experiment that will bring it back to "Us" will be "Can nations remaining in Nation hood, democratically merge their talents and resources and economic expertise and act as one community in the world?"

If you're going to say we ought to run the government like a business, but like a REALLY GOOD one to work for! It shouldn't be run like a publically traded company. It should be a family business, but a REALLY GOOD family, with a REALLY GOOD business. One that does good, really.

If you run a really good business, what is it that eventually happens? Same thing that happens to everybody, you die. And so there are always businesses that are for sale and, if you're looking for it, you can buy some of them.

Independence to community is the story of our commerce, of our economy. 40 acres and a mule, well there are a whole not lot of those guys still around. Even though they covered the prairie like the buffalo only dream they could. Show me that guy. That guy who is the great great grandson of the guy who got his 40 acres. And who only has those fourty acres even now. Eat or Be Eaten. And just like the antelope's eyes go strangely black as the lion is making toothy love to his neck. The eaten have moved on to their happy place, or just moved on to different struggles. The point is that business leads to success, success leads to replication, replication leads to more success More success leads to consolidation of replicants.

Just like rebuilding Europe led to a level of success never before witnessed in the history of the world! No thanks to the Republicans, I might add!

To rebuild America's infrastructure, America should replicate itself in Mexico/Central America and then/and also ALSO. South America! We should, as Americans consolidate with our new partners. Borrow from China and or Whomever, as the Co Signer on debt for (say Chile) to grow their economy into a viable, sustainable productive nation. As part of the Pan American Socio- Economic Zone (PAS-EZ). We replicate the processes that our businesses have "perfected". Further, debt for this endeavor ought to have an equity codicil. The Lender has an economic interest in the growth they have helped finance. There isn't just an interest rate coupon, there is a payment based upon the growth of the economy lent to. This brings the coupon down and at the same time encourages the lender to be a good trading partner with the growing nation. And to make sure it is clear, the PAS-EZ is a taxing authority that shares the wealth of the varied economies so as to even out the boom/bust nature of Commodity Based Economies (such as Brazil or Venezuela) while providing resources to Tech or tourism or Global transport or what have you economies.

The Marshall plan was at least as good for America as it was for Europe and Japan. A similar, Pan America plan will do the same once again.

The entire zone is one tax zone. So if you are Apple Computer, now you can do all of your employment in the PAS-EZ and you won't have to take it to China or Ireland. We're all in it together. Because, here's the thing, if they're in the PAS_EZ then your investments there are tax deductible as if they were in California.

I'm a Globalist. Have been one since before it was a bad thing. I'm a child from the '60s. I lived in the times of landing on the Moon! And I had the good good fortune to have been born white, in the USA. "It's a Small World After All" was a song I hated because, "If this is it! Fuck!" (I amfrom a small town, and if the world wasn't BIG BIG BIG, I wasn't interested!) But the ideal of "One World" has always been.

Jebus, I think it was Dubya who said the thing about Dictator, so long as it's me... Everybody had that conversation a thousand times when we were about to reward the Democrats for the Space Race, by putting a Republican in the White House for the big finish!

I don't know who will "Rule The World" or how it would be run. I know the communists don't know how to run a business. Nor do they know how to run an economy that is Communist (China set up enterprise zones where Capitalism is. But they can run a society that is Communist. Think about this, China is the only place in the world where you can honestly debate "Are you better off today than you were 4,000 years ago?" I don't know that they are particularly worse off for not being any better off. But I don't know that Communism is applicable in the west.

I would like to think that we will have grown past these silly reasons for diabolical doings. America has shown that people of different cultures can leave those cultures and come into this culture, and within generations, have assimilated into this culture. You might say "Unless you're black" and there is truth there as well. But if we look at the black American experience as since Civil Rights, and since there has been a concerted effort to prosecute for the crime of racial bias. The back experience has become much more of the American experience and for SOME black children today, Jim Crow is like the Boogey Man and Man Landing on the Moon. A story they hear about. 

And now Europe is showing that a stable economy can overcome the seemingly innate impulse to war on each other. To the degree such that they can merge assimilation and cultural identity retention. (I think they have a ways to go. I do think that the Germans are getting much too much of the advantage of the situation and they are not empathetic to the pain they are contributing to in places like Greece.)

We erased essentially the two reasons for war. If there is no border (other than the comfort of cultural identity) then there is no reason to invade for land, because taking land to take natural resources is like stealing from yourself. It makes no sense. And there is no object to a religious war*. By Religious, I include "ethnicity." If your Polish son met, fell in love with and married a Spanish girl. Their child is less likely to grow up automatically hating either country, just because "they" something or other. (I still haven't figured how Russia falls into where here.)

*Except for Israel, what a stupid fucking idea... And but, give it a fucking rest, would you? You have the whole of the territory to the east of this one sliver of land. And. What are you gonna do with it anyway? You wanna move there? Why? You got plenty of other stuff to worry about. Like what are you gonna do when the world say's "Nah, you can have it." to oil? What are you gonna do? Cross your arms and Harumph?

You going to convert to Christianity? You going Agnostic? What's your plan?

I got your plan. You rich dumb bastards ought to be spending a ton of that money to bring water to the Middle East. Give your workers something to do, making pipe to run across the ocean floor and drip all of that melting Iceland right on down here my brother! You sell a product that people use to stay warm. I say it's in your best interest to make sure people are cold! You ought to be spending heavy to buy water!

I don't know why you don't have a pipeline and a fleet of supertankers sucking down the Great Lakes.

We'll sell it to you, at a very reasonable price; for a while. So you'd better get to work on those pipelines.

Countries need to freely consolidate.
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« Reply #3049 on: November 22, 2016, 09:10:53 PM »

"Is it time?"

"Yeah, it's time."
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Mystic, awful was the process.

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« Reply #3050 on: December 12, 2016, 03:42:34 PM »

A 1917 map of Fairyland, with elves and nursery rhymes and Never Never Land and so much more!

It has a full page option and then allows zooming in for far greater detail.

I will still post stuff, but I shan't respond to any of the bullshit from Luee, Bambu, or RedStateTrump. Mostly not Kid...

The rest? If there is conversation, I'll converse. But the tit-for-tat crap? The polemics? No.

And I will refrain from polemics, as well.

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« Reply #3051 on: December 20, 2016, 10:35:03 AM »

OK. So I'm here. There are a couple of reasons, this one being the first:

A message to Tony V.

Also an examination of how "it" works.

I left because I decided that it was time to work on my own thing.

I came here to snatch some of my old work, and I noticed that Josh had put up a link to a map of a fairy garden. I decided not to click it because it seemed like it might be click bait to see if I would follow it (paranoid much?)

In the mean time I have been out playing in the dark with Christmas lasers and smoke And I wanted to share them with friends (and if they went viral, well that'd be cool too, but I don't expect it...much).

So ok, I'm watching the view count ascending through couple to few, maybe a several! I go through my old profile and I see that I had Thumbs upped The Lord's Bright Blessing a number of years ago. An ear worm this time of year.

So I'm thinking of Tiny Tim... Which leads me to thinking of Tiny Tim. The one who sang about Tip Toe Through The Tulips.

Point is that Tiny Tim wasn't an act (far as I know) that guy thought he was hittin it!

And this is my Christmas wish to you Tony V.! For myself, I don't appreciate your talents, but I do appreciate your optimism.

It would be ironic to the point of needing a hack saw for me to say "you're crazy, mang!" perhaps hypocritical is the better word.  So what I will say to you is: Keep going my brother! Keep striving, there ain't nobody can be absolutely sure you won't achieve your dreams but you! And even then, if fate has something in store for you, you have little to no say in the matter.

So here is the extra weird part of this.

Josh posted a map of a Fairy Garden. "Tip Toe Through the Tulips in a Fairy Garden, Tip Toe Through The Tulips, With Me."

Here's why
Because it's all about me, of course.

I'm making a website, and it is kicking my ass.

It occurred to me some while ago that I know at least two guys who know something more about running a website than I do. I wanted to come here and ask them for help, but I didn't want to (it's sort of like meeting your AA sponsor in a bar, for me to come here.)

I wouldn't do it, so my fates put this chain of co incidences in my path so that I could use them to justify resigning so soon after resigning. (Cleave land rocks!)

I wouldn't do it for myself, but I would do it for Tony V.


(Peace Love And Understanding,

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Yes, and No.
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« Reply #3052 on: December 21, 2016, 12:40:39 PM »

Hi Roberts.  You don't have to give up on the political threads.  Any partisan mockery, invective, satire, angst...that you can bring is welcome, at least by some of us.  

I admin a message board, but I don't know how much help I'd be on technical details of setting up a website.  

EDIT:  Ah, I see your PM.  Yes, the email confirmation is not working on your registration, I tried it without success.  I'm not familiar with that platform, so I don't have any bright ideas so far.  I would hate to say "Just log on as the admin and keep exploring and pushing buttons until shit happens...." but sometimes that's the way to go.  Is there a chatroom or message board there for admins? 
« Last Edit: December 21, 2016, 01:29:07 PM by barton3 » Logged

I felt like putting a bullet between the eyes of every panda that wouldn't screw to save its species. I wanted to open the dump valves on oil tankers and smother all the French beaches I'd never see.
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« Reply #3053 on: December 21, 2016, 08:31:32 PM »

Hi Roberts.  You don't have to give up on the political threads.  Any partisan mockery, invective, satire, angst...that you can bring is welcome, at least by some of us.  

I admin a message board, but I don't know how much help I'd be on technical details of setting up a website.  

EDIT:  Ah, I see your PM.  Yes, the email confirmation is not working on your registration, I tried it without success.  I'm not familiar with that platform, so I don't have any bright ideas so far.  I would hate to say "Just log on as the admin and keep exploring and pushing buttons until shit happens...." but sometimes that's the way to go.  Is there a chatroom or message board there for admins?  

You're signed up. I'm looking for where I need to "properly install" the "default mail client."

I appreciate your assistance.

And I apologize to our host for talking about a different website, on yours. (Please, Thank you.)

Yes, and No.
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« Reply #3054 on: January 05, 2017, 08:07:27 AM »

Hey guys,

Wondering what you think here. I noticed by looking at Google Analytics that my site gets a lot of interest (relatively speaking) from St Petersburg. And recently I have had a signup from _____@ Yandex.KZ which is Kazakhstan.

If it were you that was running the site, would you put the kibosh on this sign up?

Keep in mind that I'm not yet even exposing the site to search engines.


Yes, and No.
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