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Author Topic: Food Matters  (Read 7879 times)
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« Reply #885 on: June 21, 2008, 04:10:32 PM »

Thanks for a vegetarian idea, Madupont.  Those fake meat patties are not really all that tasty  -- one could substitute black beans or pintos for the faux-meat, huh?

Ps. I know. Several weeks ago, I mistakenly thought I ought to try Bell & Evans chicken pressed patties, or perhaps better to say pressed chicken patties otherwise it sounds like the chicken sat on them.

I regularly buy Bell & Evans chickens from Fredericksburg, Pa. Have for years when they were brought to market in Trenton,New Jersey at the Farmers Circle, because they were the cleanest best tasting chickens ever. Now they are rarely found in the area from which they originate, and it is almost a two hour drive to go up to Fredburg and back to buy poultry in the shop at the processing plant.  But I am able to find parts and occasionally a whole chicken right in my nearby neighborhood, so I throw them into the freezer to have on hand for different recipes.   

And I'm able to alternate with Harvest Time whose packages are individually marked to identify the farms on which the chicken in the package was produced. They also have a good flavor, as an organic chicken, but higher priced for the cutting of breast into tenders so that you seldom see the regular breast that is simpler to prepare for summertime dishes.

Anyway, I saw the familar colorful box of Bell& Evans chicken patties in the freezer where it was winking at me before I got out of the store.  They sell tons of various prepared B&E frozen specialities in Princeton which I left eleven years ago but I did go back a year ago to my optometrist to provide what I needed in "Shades" which were not available here. So I stopped in at the local Princeton McCaffery which we were once glad to have in Princeton when it first arrived but now I wondered about how far it had gone down hill since I'd last seen it. My favorite Italian butcher was no longer there either so there really was no point in being concerned but I did notice the frozen food was well supplied to that market rather than back in Pennsylvania.

I think I was making some kind of zesty patty sandwich on a bun, with the works, it was a total disappointment of  compression tasting like nothing, at least nothing like chicken, and had a texture like plastic when pan fried. Better to stick with regular chicken in summer, after learning the facts from a table point of view that not all is gustatory about the process of providing chicken done everyway.
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