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Author Topic: Australia and Oceania  (Read 2434 times)


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Re: Australia and Oceania
« Reply #15 on: February 05, 2021, 07:46:46 PM »

Vicki continues;

Fiji, which slammed nations who hadn’t signed up to the net zero 2050 target when it did as “selfish”, has just 117,561 vehicles in the whole country and doesn’t expect all households to swap open fires for electric ovens until 2030. And they conveniently exclude emissions from international flights full of tourists that buoy its economy.

We can see what Fiji looks like without tourists. COVID-19 closed international borders and left 115,000 people newly unemployed or on reduced hours. That’s a third of Fiji’s workforce, with around a third of those women.

And who picked up the bill? We did. Australia provided $304.7 million to help Fiji run during COVID-19. And they call us selfish …

Fiji’s climate change strategy includes costings of USD $600 million to buy efficient new planes and notes it will need “international help” to pay for them.

If Fiji can exclude international flight emissions to protect their biggest industry (tourism), and New Zealand can exclude methane emissions to product their nation’s dairy industry – then Australia can sign up to a 2050 “net zero emissions” too – so long as we ignore all emissions from the industries that make us money, primarily mining and agriculture.


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