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Author Topic: Movies  (Read 1228 times)


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Re: Movies
« Reply #45 on: December 13, 2018, 05:47:46 PM »

On the issue of helping the stars and the filmmakers of the future...

Actors need to help each other out during the hard times, and Meryl Streep lived in a commune for a time before she was big and famous. The actors who are big and rich and famous need to help out the actors who are starving by buying places like the Oban Hotel in Hollywood, on Yucca, and making it into a hostel for actors. More communes for actors and writers and filmmakers would also be good.

In the old days there were nuns who ran apartments for starving actresses, etc, and there needs to be more help for starving artists.

The Princess Grace Awards helps actors and filmmakers by awarding them grants so that they can focus on studying, and creating art, etc, and there needs to be more stuff like that. (And I told them to help the students at the AADA where Princess Grace Kelly Grimaldi studied acting, etc)

And the big studios can do more to help the starving artists too, a lot more can be done.

There is a charity group which gets jobs for the homeless people, the charity is Chrysalis, and they get homeless actors and filmmakers jobs working at the Sony Studios in Culver City, and they are establishing a relationship with Disneyland in Anaheim to get the homeless people jobs working at Disney, etc.

More needs to be done to help the starving actors and filmmakers here in Hollywood. Someday they will be rich and famous, but right now many are starving, and they need a helping hand.


Tony V.

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